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Pets Deserve the Best Because They give Us So Much

Our pets have been there for us during our COVID-19 lock-down, the reason why our pets deserve the best. But as we move down the levels and start to return to work lets make sure our pets are not forgotten. Pet sharing with Share My Pet lets your pet receive care and love while you go back to work. This article explains the benefits of pet sharing and gives links to some great professional advice to help your pet transition smoothly through the COVID-19 levels.

As an animal lover and pet owner, one thing that has really stood out throughout us all adjusting to COVID-19 is how much joy and happiness pets around the world have given us. From kiwi politicians showing us their pooches (The Spinoff) to cats photo bombing weather forecasts, pets have kept us smiling. Social media shows endless adorable pets assisting us as we work from home. There is no denying it- pets and animals make people happy and in return, the pets deserve the best.

COVID-19 lock down has been a special time for pets to receive unlimited attention from their owners and for many dogs this has meant more walks then ever before. While most pets will have loved this 24/7 attention fest, some pets may also have picked up on stressful vibes around home.

The unconditional love of pets gives us hope when we need it most.

Helping pets adjust as we go through the levels

Once we hit level 3 many of us will be returning to work and leaving the house for longer periods of time. When this happens it could become a very stressful time for pets. Image going from all day, everyday companionship and attention to long hours alone. What’s a pet to think? For some pets, dogs, in particular, this might mean separation anxiety and stress arising for our furry friends. Do not forget to give them a special treat because pets deserve the best.

Positive mental health for pets

Below are some suggestions and advice from us and other professionals about how you can help your pet transition smoothly through the levels.

Join us at Share My Pet.

Share My Pet is a pet sharing website that connects pet owners with animals lovers throughout NZ. Our aim is to enrich the life of pets and people by allowing them to form quality relationships with each other.

By allowing your pet to connect with a new friend, who will spend time with them, both pet and person gain so many benefits.

This is a perfect solution for pet owners who feel guilty leaving their pet home alone for long hours. Pet carers can provide that extra excitement and companionship in a safe and loving setting. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Pet sharing gives our pets an opportunity to receive what they love the most; companionship, love and care.

How pet sharing works

Share My Pet does this by allowing you to make a profile for your pet. You then search for other members who wish to look after a pet. Via the website you chat with other members until you find a match you would like to meet up with. Arrange for extra care & walks etc. while you are busy. By the time your pet goes on a pet sharing date they are spending time with a friend. Everyone is a winner. For more information check out

Share My Pet recently ran a competition on Facebook, here are some of the gorgeous entries we had. So much love!

Information and tips about separation anxiety from professionals

We have complied a list of some great expert advice surrounding the topic of separation anxiety. Please read the following blogs and articles and give your pet the best support during the COVID-19 level transitions.

Separation anxiety happens when a dog that’s hyper-attached to their owner gets super-stressed when left alone.Read this article by ‘Fetch’ to find out more.

COVID-19 and separation anxiety in dogs

Tips on dog behaviour issues and how to ensure your fur baby is happy and relaxed at home.

Help for Hounds Take 5 advise

Mark Vette – Internationally renown Animal Behaviorist, Educator, Author and TV personality has great advise to offer. Check out his YouTube clip below about separation anxiety.

A quick guide to helping your dog transition the COVID-19 levels.

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

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