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What is Pet sharing?

Pet sharing is when a pet owner shares their pet with someone who doesn’t own one.

As a Pet owner, you arrange extra care for your pet(s). As an animal lover without a pet, you become a meaningful part of a pet’s life. You do this by connecting via the Share My Pet website.

Love! Companionship! Exercise!

Everyone benefits.

Step One

Create your profile by registering for free!

Register and join a great resource that connects pet owners with people in the local community who wish to look after pets.

  • Make a pet profile if you want to share your pet.
  • Make a personal profile if you want to look after a pet.
  • Add a photo for best results.
  • Make it live for other members to view.

Step Two

Contact other members for free!

Use the website search to find local pets or pet carers in your area.

Step three

Pay to become a Premium member

Like what you see? Become a Paid Premium Member and get chatting via the website direct messenger system.

Step four

Meet each other in person

Once you have made a connection via the site, you meet in person. Making a connection can take time and commitment. But sometimes it is instant!

As a Pet owner, you are always in control of who looks after your pet.

As a Pet Carer, you become part of the pet’s and their family’s lives.

Given time, friendships develop based on trust, respect and love.

By telling your friends and family you can help grow your pet sharing community. Together we can make pets lives the best they can be.

‘Sharer’ vs ‘Carer’

What is a ‘Sharer’?

Perfect for people who work long hours, travel regularly, go on holidays without their pets or just want to share the love – because you know when your pet is happy, it makes you happy too!

Ideal for any pet that would benefit from extra care, exercise and socialising. Also perfect for pets who don’t like to leave home while you’re away, such as cats, horses, rabbits/rodents, fish, reptiles and many more.

Pet owners can connect to other pet owners and pet lovers to share ideas and pet care information. It’s a great way to meet people in your neighbourhood and feel connected.

What is a ‘Carer’?

Suitable for individuals, students or families who aren’t ready or able to commit to a pet but wish to be part of a pet’s life.

Perfect for people looking for companionship, wanting to socialise with a pet.

It’s a great way to spend time with different animals to find out which pet would best suit your family.

Children, under supervision, can learn in a safe environment how to look after pets and what it is to be responsible for their care.

Caring for a pet is rewarding for both yourself and the pet. You form unique bonds of friendship and love with each other.

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