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Do you miss canine companionship?

Travel, study or relocating can be one of the most exciting decisions you choose to make. But for animal lovers and pet parents, a lack of canine companionship will leave a hole in your heart. What happens when your best furry friend can’t come along?

Home is where the muddy foot prints are- right?

Missing your pet when you are away travelling or studying is heart breaking. No waggy tail to greet you after a long day. Do you miss those puppy kisses that simply make everything better? For a multitude of reasons, many people miss their pets. Travel, living in rental property, study or a beloved pet passing on may mean you are petless and pining.

If you are missing your pet or not ready to commit to full time pet ownership, yet crave canine companionship, Share My Pet can help!

Canine Companionship, a simple solution through pet sharing

Share My Pet member and pet borrower Alix left the UK a few years ago to travel to NZ. She has always loved canine companionship and misses her family dog back home. With uncertainties surrounding travel and how long her stay in NZ will be, Alix made the wise decision that pet ownership will have to wait.

Luckily for Alix and many other animal lovers in NZ, Share My Pet can help. Via the website, Alix has been able to connect to a lovely local dog for weekly hangouts and play dates.

Pet borrower Alix and her new part time pooch Ziggy

Alix and Ziggy the Labradoodle meet up weekly for doggie dates to the local parks, beaches or reserves. What Alix loves most about pet sharing is how easy its been to meet lovely pet owners and make new furry friends.

Canine companionship, pup dates and waggy tails

On her first pup date with Ziggy, he was a bit shy and reserved. Ziggy, his pet parents and Alix all took the time to get to know each other. Through open conversation and time spent together a relationship of trust developed. Pet sharing requires commitment and time. Honest conversations help to best fulfill everyone’s expectations and needs. Once connections have been established though, they can last for years! To read more about the benefits of pet sharing read our blog “how dogs improve our mental health and well being”.

A few pet sharing dates later, when Alix goes to pick Ziggy up from his home, his tail does the happy dance! He is always super excited to see her and go on an adventure. Ziggy is not particularly treat orientated so Alix uses love and cuddles as his “treat”. The lucky pup can’t get enough of them!

“For me pet sharing has filled a doggy shaped void. I miss my family dog in the UK and through Share My Pet I have been able to connect with a wonderful local dog. His owners are just lovely too! It’s easy to arrange pup dates via txt message or on the phone too. I love the canine companionship and cuddles!”

Pet sharing fills that (pet shaped) void

Perfect solution for busy pet parents

Share My Pet is nationwide. It is perfect for busy pet parents who have energetic, social dogs that love extra attention. Pet borrowers like Alix who crave a canine companionship can enjoy a part time relationship with a new furry friend.

Want to read more about how to find your perfect match through pet sharing? Read our blog “Pet Sharing-Is it always love at first sight”.

Take a sniff around! To view all the lovely pets and pet borrowers in your local area simply create a FREE profile. Once you see a pet or pet borrower you think is a great match upgrade to paid membership. The messenger system is then unlocked and you have 365 days to connect to other members and arrange pup dates. Ready, set, date!

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

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