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Pet Holiday Care Made Easy

Going on a trip and need pet holiday care? Amazing pet borrowers on Share My Pet love to help out and are a great solution for your pet care needs.

Going on a holiday and can’t bring your pet along?

Pet borrowers with Share My Pet choose to spend time with your pet out of love- not money. As a pet parent you can also relax knowing that your pet is receiving 1:1 attention and love. No expensive kennels or busy boarding establishments. Your pet can either stay in the comfort of their own home, or go to a pet borrowers place. To organize pet holiday care simply join New-Zealand’s largest pet sharing community and connect with local members.

Share My Pet posts all furry members needing a place to vacay on our social media. Holiday care dates are also added to individual pet profiles by the pet parents. Details include holiday dates and any specific pet holiday care needed.

Looking after a pet needing holiday care is a great way to spend some quality time with a pet

9 top tips for safe and successful pet holiday care

  • As a pet parent it is your responsibility to leave plenty of time to find a potential match for your pet’s care. We recommend you start looking for a suitable match at least 4 weeks before your holiday. This will give you enough time to meet your pet borrower several times in person. Really get to know each other! It will also give us time to help find a great match by sending out specific holiday care e-mails and post holiday dates on our socials.
  • Meet in the ‘real world’ several times before your agreed upon drop off date. Go to the pet borrowers home and ensure the property is suitably safe for your pet. Spend time together to build up bonds of trust. By the time you drop off your with their pet borrower there should be a sense of trust and familiarity.
  • Make sure all family members will get along including other family pets. Consider the safety and wellbeing of children, other household pets and regular visitors. Does anyone have any allergies to pet fur? It is important to set both your furry visitor and all existing members of the household up for success.
  • Always reply to all messages and communicate clearly. Even if you have found an ideal solution elsewhere it is still polite to respond to any queries. In case of a last minute change of plan communicate clearly and give as much notice as possible. Once you agree to look after a pet, the pet owner is relying on you to follow through so please try to stick to agreements made.
  • Discuss the pet’s dietary requirements, medical history and current medical needs.
  • Before dropping your pet off for their holiday care, talk about what action to take in case of an emergency. Leave contactable details and also the pet’s local vet details.
  • We recommend your pet is insured and up to date with all flea and worm prevention. To get a great deal on one of NZ’s top pet insurers to go PD pet insurance and use the offer code PDB0201 to receive a $100 prize card when you sign up for any full policy.
  • Ensure your fur baby’s comfort and happiness during their pet holiday by providing their bedding, favourite toy and lead. Provide any medication they may require and all food/treats. Leave a feeding schedule so your pet can follow their usual routine.
  • Discuss the Share My Pet “On Lead Policy”. If you and the pet borrower both agree that your pet can spend time off lead you will both need to sign the Lead Contract. It can be down loaded here

Pet holiday care solutions can benefit everyone

If you are thinking of welcoming a pet into your home, why not meet up with a local fur ball on Share My Pet first. Offer some pet holiday care and get a feel for the responsibilities involved. Pet sharing and offering pet holiday care is a great way to meet several types of pets and see which ones best suit your lifestyle and personality.

Pet sharing is a great alternative to owning your own pet. It gives you freedom to travel and there are no expensive pet related bills. For the duration of the pet’s holiday stay with a pet borrower, the pet owner pays for their pets needs. This covers food, worm/flea prevention and any medication the pet may already be on. Lots of kiwi dogs are enjoying the service provided by Share My Pet and both 2 and 4 legged members are nationwide.

To read more happy stories of pet sharing within the NZ head over to our blog section here.

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

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