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Connecting pet
owners & animal lovers
To share the love of pets

Does your pet crave extra snuggles, walks, and company? Or maybe you’re on the lookout for a part-time furry friend?

Either way, you’ve come to the right place

Connect with your local community of animal lovers to arrange pawsome playdates or for a helping hand with your pet.

Join the pack to find your purrfect match.

Why join Share My Pet?

Because we’re a fun-loving pack of pet owners and animal lovers who have each other’s back.
It’s a win-win for pets and people alike, by making connections that foster extra love, companionship, and care.

Our community is built on the foundations of…

Your pets are your family members, and you want to ensure they’re in safe hands. We screen all members so you can communicate safely within a trusted community

We’ll never leave you hanging!
If you have any questions or issues, we’re happy to help, and are never more than an email away

Just like you, we’re driven by a love of animals. That’s why we only partner with companies and causes who care about animals and are dedicated to making a difference

Pawsitive Success Stories

Jose & Sally "We have been connected with such lovely caring people through your website, and José has weekly visits and adventures with his dear friend we connected with. It benefits us all and it brings such peace of mind knowing he’s out socialising and having fun!!! Thank you so much"
- Sally, José and family
Helen I joined Share My Pet and was connected with a perfect dog. Dari the border terrier spends four days with me while her owner is at work. As well as company, i’ve also met a lovely young woman who brings her world into my life. When you’re elderly your world shrinks but thanks to Dari mine has expanded. Thank you Share My Pet. Ollie Share My Pet is a great way to get time with dogs! You’re able to get to know the owners and suss whatever arrangement works for you, whether it’s the occasional walk/playtime or more regular dog sitting. Eventually I ended up with too many responses and had to pick my favourites! I would highly recommend it to anyone who is after some dog interaction. Hannah Share my pet has allowed me, someone who longs for a pet, to experience all the joys that comes with owning an animal without the commitment. After building trust, it’s as easy as a message to agree on a pick up time and date. Whether it’s to the beach, around the parks or a snuggle at home, it is the highlight of my week! Matt & Family My wife and I located a uni student on the site and she has been uber helpful all year, taking our 2 dogs for walks several times every week. It feels good knowing that our dogs are able to stretch their legs a bit more which ultimately leads to happier and less stressed dogs. Thanks ShareMyPet! Elizabeth I've always dreamed of having pet guinea pigs. Share my pet has given me the chance to learn more about how to look after them and have some part time pets to enjoy. I love spending time with my furry friends! Swarna Very pleased with Share my Pet and would recommend this site to all dog owners. Perfect platform of pet sharing for connecting dog owners with local dog lovers for walks. ❤️ Chris Pet sharing has been a perfect compromise at this stage of my life. Having always had a dog, my life would be empty without one. . I meet up with Lottie the Lab weekly for casual walks and hangouts. It's so easy to communicate with Lottie's owner to arrange pet sharing dates. Thank you Share My Pet. Claudia For a number of reasons I can't have my own dog quite yet, so this site has been a great find. I've now connected with two lovely doggies and we go for walks during the week. It has also been great to get to know the owners. I totally recommend this service, especially when you are new to town and have lots of spare time like I do. 😁

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