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New Zealand’s Pet Sharing Community

Share My pet aims to enrich the lives of pets and people.  We believe in the good in people and that through trust and respect beloved family pets can benefit from more companionship, exercise, love and quality of life. Share My Pet does this by connecting pet owners with people who want to borrow a pet and become a meaningful part of their life.

Benefits of pet sharing

The benefits of joining your pet sharing community are both physical, mental and social. Pet owners can connect with local animal lovers and arrange care for their pets. Meet like minded people in your local area to arrange pet sharing dates. Pets benefit by receiving extra attention, walks, exercise, companionship, love, holiday care and socializing.

Pet sharing offers you:

Community – Share My Pet allows you to be part of New Zealand’s first pet-sharing community. Connect with like minded people in a safe a environment.

Happy pets – Pets get the best from life. Pet owners can arrange extra walks, attention and holiday care for their pets. Non-pet owners get to become a meaningful part of a pet’s life.

Make new furry friends – Share My Pet is a website where you can create a profile for yourself and/or your pet(s). Through the profile, you can look for pets in your local area to ‘Care’ for or you can make your pet available to ‘Share’.

Pet sharing dates – You make connections with other website members through the site and arrange to meet up in the real world. If you are both happy and feel comfortable to proceed then you can make arrangements for the care of the pet as suits you both.

Free Membership

In conjunction with the Cancer Society, Leukaemia & Blood Cancer NZ we are offering anyone undergoing treatment or recovering from cancer free membership! Simply complete your profile, make it live and get in touch with us and we will make it free for you. We will also make an extra effort to help you make a special connection.

What we do to help

Share My Pet aims to improve lives of pets and animals in need.

We regularly organise fundraising events and take part in national fundraising for animal charities throughout New Zealand.

Check out our charity journey here. 

Our background

The Share My Pet family at Nelson's Race Unity Day. Dave and Lili + Snout and Miss Muppet

Founders of Share My Pet

Kia ora, our names are Lili and Dave. We have three much-loved members of our lovely fur family: Elfie our floofy cat, and Snout and Muppet our two dogs and resident pet dating experts. We also have four chickens who live a lovely life free-ranging under the trees in our garden.

Socializing With Pets

Share My Pet was founded in 2018. After speaking to lots of people when out and about walking with our dogs we realized that there are a lot of good people out there who love animals but, for whatever reasons, do not own a pet. However they would love to share the care of an animal and enjoy the companionship pets offer. Our passion behind creating New Zealand’s first pet sharing community comes from a deep caring about animal welfare and the desire to connect kiwi communities together via the love of pets.

Peace of Mind for Pet Owners

The same need was visible in pet owners who occasionally wish they had someone else they knew and trusted in their lives to help out with looking after their fur babies. As a pet owner you can experience peace of mind when you are holiday or life gets busy that your pet is in safe care with a person who loves and knows them. The pets onboard with Share My Pet are happy to be receiving extra attention and they love the new friendships and stimulation pet sharing gives them.

We believe Share My Pet is a win-win situation for pet owners and animal lovers alike.

Meet Lili

I grew up on a small farm in Mahana, Nelson, and have been passionate about animals my whole life. My childhood was spent surrounded by all manner of farm animals, the family dog and cat, rabbits and guinea pigs. I cared for and rode horses throughout my childhood and enjoyed all sorts of pony club activities.


After I graduated from teacher training, I moved overseas and spent the next 12 years abroad. I met my husband Dave while overseas and together we moved to Nelson, NZ, in 2015. Miss Muppet joined our family at 9 weeks old and a few years later Snout the schnoodle joined our family. All three pets get along beautifully and are the best of friends.

Dave from Share My Pet with Miss Muppet and Snout the dogs

Meet Dave

Hi, I’m Dave and I’m delighted to call NZ my home with my wonderful wife, Lili, and our gorgeous fur family.

Before moving to NZ, I grew up in Devon, UK, and lived and studied in Bristol. Since our arrival in NZ, we have begun living our dream of settling down in this amazing country. I work at an architect firm in town and enjoy working on Share My Pet in my free time.

I am passionate about music, beekeeping, sculpture and spending time in nature with my wife and pets. My vision for Share My Pet is to improve the quality of animals’ and people’s lives by sharing the love and care for them.

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