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Are You An Enviromentally Aware Pet Owner ??

Are you an enviromentally aware pet owner ??

Make your pets footprints green!

If you care about our planet and being as environmentally friendly as you can be, congratulations on including your pets on this all important journey!

Share My Pet believes that as pet owners we are responsible for ensuring our pet ownership leaves behind a green pawprint too. What does this mean?

There are lots of ways as a pet owner you can increase your pets green paw-print, read on.

Here are some tips:

Try buying in bulk- every time you buy a bag of feed, treats, kitty litter, bedding etc these items will be individually wrapped. Buying bulk means less overall waste and it usually works out to be more economical. If you buy in bulk be sure to store your purchase well so it stays dry, fresh and tasty.

Share My Pet supports the use of corn starch doggie doo bags. There a many different brands out there and they all better than using single use plastic bags which take years to break down. The NZ  government has pledged to phase out single use plastic bags.  Lets hope that the  District Councils will soon be providing residents with safer, environmentally friendly options too.

Here are some links to several green companies within NZ:

Barking Brilliant Facebook

Biodegradable dog poo bags

Ecobags NZ



Self composting dog and other pet poo kits. These improve the soil in your garden and reduce the amount of waste going into landfills.

Enso Pet self composting kit 

Composting dog waste

Re-use and Re-cycle where possible. For example, you could recycle the containers your pet food comes in or use the waste matter from your pet in a clever way. When we clean out our chicken coop we use the pea straw as a mulch in our garden.  And the plants love it! The same use of composting could be done with rabbit, guinea pigs or mice droppings.

Support local business! By buying locally grown, produced and manufactured items you are reducing the cost of transport, import tax, and your carbon foot print is greatly reduced. Plus you are helping put food on the table and pay the mortgage of a local person in your community rather than line the pockets of a mega business.

Buy earth friendly care products – ie for cleaning, washing or grooming your pet(s) and their belongings .

Make your own treats / pet toys

Buy organic and sustainable pet food

There are so many ways we as pet owners can help leave an Eco friendly paw print behind. If this topic interests you please check out these link below on other great articles about to increase your environmentally sound impact ;

Being an Eco aware pet owner 

Pawsome Eco friendly pet ownership 

Many thanks for reading this!!  Share My Pet hopes you find some great new ideas on how to be an Eco friendly pet owner !!

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