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Summer Travel Tips For Dog Owners To Europe

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Can’t you go on holiday or travel without your pet? This requires some preparation, as not all hotels or campsites allow pets, and there are different customs rules for bringing your best friend.

Below you will find some rules for taking your pet on vacation. But are you prepared for a trip with your four-legged friend? Dog expert Penny Thea from gives you some useful tips to make your trip as smooth – and we mean that literally – as possible.

Customize your trip

Maybe you are looking forward to that city trip, but remember that your dog looks at the world differently.

He longs for nature and walking more than for museums and bustle. Destinations with extremely hot or cold temperatures are also not a good idea.

And animal organizations recommend limiting a flight with your dog to 8 to 9 hours for those traveling by plane. Also, know that every airline has different rules and rates. Inform yourself well!

To the vet

Make sure your dog is up to date with his vaccines and that he is protected against parasites.

Please do not wait too long with your vet visit; he must have received some vaccinations several weeks before departure.

All animals must be vaccinated against rabies at least 21 days before travel. You must insert the chip before getting vaccinated.

A thorough check-up can also show whether your dog is fit for flight or travel. Also, inquire about remedies against motion sickness and check before you leave where you can find a vet near your holiday destination. Better safe than sorry.

When moment

Does your merle yorkie dog travel in a travel crate or travel bag? Take the time to get him used to this. The same applies to the use of a seat belt in the car.

Pack & go…

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is mandatory for dog owners in many European countries (including France, Spain, Denmark, Italy, and certain regions in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria). So insured your dog before departure.

Some dog breeds are prohibited

Do you have a Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Mastiff, Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog, Boerboel, Kangal, Ovtcharka, or a dog that looks like this?

Before departure, check whether you can take it with you to the country of destination and all countries through which you travel.

In some countries, you must be able to prove with a pedigree that your dog does not belong to one of these breeds.

Dog harness, travel kennel, or dog guard

In Germany and the United Kingdom, you must secure your dog in the car with a dog seat belt, a travel kennel, or behind a dog guard.

In Hungary, you must have a muzzle and a leash with you. In Italy and Austria, it is mandatory in public places to have your animal leashed and muzzled.

There is also a leash requirement in many places in Croatia.

Also, bring something familiar

For many dogs, a trip is quite a stressful event, far from their routine. It helps to have familiar things with you, such as known food and your own blanket.

A cloth or toy with a familiar scent will also calm him down when he is alone in the cargo or baggage hold of the plane.

Think comfort & safety

Are you going on a trip by car, and are you transporting the dog in the trunk? Then make sure that no suitcases can fall against or on him and that he cannot disturb you while driving.

Also, remember that dogs do not tolerate heat well (this certainly applies to breeds with a short snout), so adjust the temperature in your car.

Stop enough along the way so he can stretch his legs, but remember he doesn’t know the area.

Are you traveling by plane? Let your dog out as soon as possible before departure so that he has lost enough energy.

Do you have a transfer? Then go for a walk with the dog because most airports have a pet relief area.

Once arrived…

Stay with him

A new environment can be frightening for your dog. Please don’t leave him alone for too long those first few days. And choose a cozy place to sleep for him.

A new locket

Write the address and telephone number of your residence on a new locket. If your dog gets lost, its finders can locate you quickly.

Get out together!

Quality time! Go out together, walk, sport, and explore the neighborhood. Don’t force him to do things he doesn’t like. One dog is not the other. For example, some dogs are water rats, while others don’t like a splash. Keep in mind what he wants. After all, it’s the vacation for him too!

Final Checklist For Pet Traveling

This must include the following:

•             Passport (required!)

•             Insurance

•             Health booklet

•             Food and snacks

•             First aid kit (including a tick remover)

•             Toys

•             An extra leash, harness

•             Poop bags

•             A cooling mat

•             Water (change on time!)

Going on a trip can be quite frightening for your dog. Then his regular diet and a tasty snack can help.

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