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Why don’t you get to know:

Share My Pet is a pet sharing website that creates a platform to connect pet owners with people in the local community that wish to look after pets. Through the website pet owners (sharers) allow their pets to get extra care, exercise and adventures with trustworthy members of the community (carers). It combines the love of animals with sharing and caring.

Why Should You Join!

Sharers = Pet Owner

Your pet can benefit by getting:

Extra walks or runs

Holiday Care

Love and companionship while you are at work

More attention

Better quality of life

Carer = Pet Borrower

How you benefit:

Look after a pet if you can't commit to owning one

Find your perfect fur buddy

Exercise while dog walking

New friendships

Love and affection from a pet

Are you an enviromentally aware pet owner ??

Make your pets footprints green! If you care about our planet and being as environmentally…

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COMPETITION TIME! Are You An Animal Wordsmith?

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Winners of the; Look-alike Your Pet Competition

A massive thank you to everyone who entered our 'Look-alike your pet competition'. Everyone's entry…

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