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We have compiled some commonly asked questions about Share My Pet and answered them.
If you have a question of your own that isn’t here, feel free to contact us.

SHARER –  People who wish to share their pet with other members of the Share My Pet website

  • Any one who owns a pet that wants to share the love of pet ownership. Because you know when your pet is happy, it makes you happy too.
  • Any pet (especially dogs) that would benefit from extra walks / exercise / companionship.
  • Generally, any pet owner who is busy and sometimes feels guilty that their pet deserves more companionship/exercise or socialising.
  • People who travel regularly for work or pleasure but still wish to own a pet. You can arrange holiday care for your pet with other members of Share My Pet.
  • Any person in ownership of a pet that feels their pet would benefit from the companionship of another animal. This will apply mainly to dog owners who own one dog and for what ever reason don’t wish to have a second dog but would like to keep their canine happy by socialising with other dogs.
  • People that work long hours and don’t always have the time to give their pets that they deserve.
  • Pets that are lonely, overweight or depressed can benefit from Share My Pet.
  • Pet owners might like to increase the amount of time their pet gets trained and socialised. Especially great for younger dogs.
  • Pet owners can connect to other pet owners and pet lovers to share ideas and pet care information.
  • A safe way to meet people in your neighbourhood and feel connected.

CARERS – people who want to care for someone else’s pet.

  • Great for any person who is too busy with work / travel / family life to commit fulltime to a pet but still wishes to interact with animals and help care for them.
  • Suitable for people who aren’t ready to commit full time to a pet but wish to have contact with them and be part of a pet’s life.
  • People who are thinking of getting a pet can meet with a different pets and get a feel for what’s right for them. It can assist you in deciding if pet ownership is right for you.
  • Anyone who doesn’t have the time / space / money for full pet ownership.
  • Anyone who is unable to have their own pets due to rental or living agreements.
  • Sports enthusiasts / runners may want a 4-legged companionship.. Exercising is so much more fun when you have a dog with you!
  • It’s a great way to meet people and get to know your local community.
  • Suitable for families that want their children to experience positive interactions with animals.

All animal lovers!

For people who wish to share their pet with local animal lovers in their community.

For pet lovers that can’t / don’t own a pet but would love to be part of a pets life.

Share My Pet facilitates the connection and pets of all sorts benefit from receiving more exercise, attention, love and companionship. We believe in creating an opportunity to enhance your pet’s happiness, and in the process, meet lovely new people in your neighbourhood. Enjoy some animal companionship and increase your own feel good vibes!

Almost any pet can join Share My Pet. It is best suited for well handled, friendly, socialised pets that enjoy the companionship of people and strangers.

The exceptions are any animals that are dangerous, can cause harm, any dog listed on the dangerous dog’s act 1996 or any poisonous / dangerous animals. Please don’t add your pet if you know it will be stressed, un-happy or cause harm to any other animal / person while in the care of others.

The idea behind Share My Pet is to improve the quality of pets lives.

Examples of pets allowed on Share My Pet:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Horses / Donkeys
  • Chickens / Ducks / Birds
  • Reptiles
  • Fish
  • Hobby farm animals
  • Alpacas / Llamas
  • Pigs / Sheep / Goats
  • Bee hives

Share My Pet is a new company and we are nationwide. We are based in Nelson and now have lots of members within the Nelson area. We are constantly trying to spread the word about Share My Pet throughout the country. However there are still many areas where we are trying to improve the number of members we have. If you find you are in an area where no one is a member yet and you love the idea of Share My Pet we are always happy to send out rack cards and business cards to you so you can hand them out at doggie friendly cages, vet clinics, dog groomers etc. Tell all your animal loving friends and help spread the word !

Our aim is to advertise nationwide. Through local advertising and word of mouth we hope that our members will grow and flourish so many pets within NZ can benefit from this service.

In the meantime, log in regularly to see what new members have signed up. We will keep you updated with new members and users in your local area.

All people above the age of 18 can join Share My Pet. You can be either a Sharer (owner of pets), or a Carer (person who would like to borrow / look after pets) or both!!! You must genuinely love animals and enjoy their companionship and at all times have the animals best interest at heart.

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Create a user profile with your personal details.
  3. Decide whether you want to become a pet Sharer or Carer (or both).
  4. If you are a Sharer fill out your pet(s) profile including a photo.
  5. If you want to be a Carer fill out your profile.
  6. Search for local Share My Pet users in your local area.
  7. Become a full member to exchange contact details with other members and make the connection!

Yes!!! You can set your profile to be a Sharer, a Carer of both. You can even list multiple pets. These options are available at any time should your preference and needs change. Once you find someone that you wish to contact you then need to sign up as a full member.

No. Dogs on the dangerous dogs list are not permitted. Puppies under the age of 12 weeks are not able to join. If your dog has behavioral issues, is reactive or aggressive they are not suitible to be shared through Share My Pet.

To cancel your upcoming subscription renewal email and let us know that you’d like to cancel.

Please note that you will still have to pay for any remaining payments due in your yearly subscription. You will have full access to the platform until your current subscription term runs out.

If you decide that you would like to leave Share My Pet completely then send us an email at and we will delete your account along with all your details. Please note that you will still have to pay for any remaining payments due in your yearly subscription.

No. Share My Pet is not responsible for any injury to pets or members.  Pet owners are encouraged to have their own valid, up to date insurance policy. In the situation of illness or an accident it is the borrower’s responsibility to seek medical advice and treatment whilst the animal is under their care. It is the owner’s responsibility to pay for any Vet / Medical fees and ongoing medical costs.

Yes. As a Sharer or Carer you can decide when and how often you wish to be involved.

Absolutely. As long as you have a fixed address in New Zealand while you are here. As the membership is a one of payment of NZ$49.99 for full membership you can simply sign up, complete your profile account, pay the membership fee and connect to pet owners straight away.

Yes. Anyone living in N.Z, short or long term can join. As long as you can provide a fixed address we can process your membership and you can start to connect to Sharers or Carers in your current neighbourhood.

There is no limit. As long as each pet meets the criteria (see T&C ‘s for regulations on eligible animals) you can list all your furry /feathered friends. We advise that most animal have its own profile. However you may wish to create a single profile for example, a hobby farm or flock of chickens.

It’s totally up to you! You can be a daily joy in a pet’s life, a casual buddy or a once off companion. We do recommend forming a relationship with the owner and pet in order to build trust between you and the owner and for the pet’s peace of mind too.

On your profile, you are asked to fill out what days/weekends and times suit you, and once you have made a match it is up to you and the pet owner how often you arrange a pet share.

Yes, children can be involved but they MUST be accompanied and supervised at all times with a person over the age of 18. Members and users can only sign up if they are over the age of 18. All pet profiles must state information on how suitable the animal is around   children of different ages, other animals and pets. Children should never be left unsupervised with a borrowed animal.

If you are not happy with the service provided we can offer you a refund if you have not sent / exchanged contact details with another member via the Share My Pet platform. Simply email us at and we’ll process a refund immediately.

You have 14 statutory days to claim a refund if you are not satisfied with the services provided by Share my Pet. However, once you have made contact with another member we deem that the services on offer have been fulfilled and as such a refund is not warranted. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

As a website user, you can create your profile for yourself and / or all your animals. This enables you to view other Sharers pets and Carers in your area. As a full paid up member you can make contact with other members and arrange an initial meeting.

No. We are aim to limit the number of emails that you receive. If you wish to not receive emails from us please let us know via

Share My Pet loves hearing from you – our Sharers and Carers . If you have any feedback, new ideas, suggestions or fun ideas that you think we might want to hear please email us on There is no better way of spreading the word than word of mouth so if you love Share My Pet, have had a wonderful pet connection through the site or think its a great idea please keeping sharing and talking about us! We are happy to send out business and rack cards for you to hand out to vet clinics, dog groomers, pet stores, pet friendly establiments etc. If you work in the pet industry we are happy to promote your business in exchange of you promoting us. Thank you .

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