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Pet First Aid NZ

Pet First Aid NZ

Did you know 90% of pets will experience at least one emergency situation in their life time?  Accidents can occur in a matter of seconds and being prepared and knowledgeable can be the difference between an injury with minor implications or serious consequences that could even result in death. Would you know what to do if your pet got burnt, suffered from heat stroke or had a punctured paw??

Luckily for New Zealanders we now have access to a NZ based company called Pet first Aid. The one day course has been written with a team of veterinarian professionals and covers 23 different modules. On the Pet First Aid course you will gain the skills to deal with:






broken bones

heat stroke

cuts and grazes

rescue breathing


and much more !

I had the absolute pleasure of attending a Pet First Aid training day in October last year in Nelson. Courses are run Nationwide. Visit and see if one is starting near you or check them out on Facebook.

The Pet first aid and training course was brilliant! We were an electric mix of people from all walks of life and our common passion was animals. Among us was a pig hunter who wanted to be prepared in first aid in the event one of her dogs got injured out in the bush, a goat farmer whose dedication and affection for  this species was incredible , various pet lovers that just wanted to be prepared in case of  and the youngest member was a 13 year old girl who is so driven and passionate about animals she looks after over 20 rescue animals and  already had an impressive list of merits under her belt such as a completed course on animal Reiki and Animal communication.

The course was run by Josie who recently took on the ownership and management of Pet First Aid and her lovely companion Kaygin. He was a super patient and model dog ad we could practice our bandaging skills, checking for the pulse, whole body checks and much more. The course was extremely well organised and we received a first aid manual, free high quality dog food samples from Orijen and discount vouchers.

Learning about how to react in an  emergency and how to assist your pet or the  farm animals in your are in case of an emergency is empowering and builds confidence. Accidents do occur and by knowing the basics of what to do and staying calm in an emergency the animal in your care has a much better chance of recovery and survival.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a beloved pet, is an animal lover or is frequently in contact with animals whether they are pets or life stock. Your pets deserve the best and in a time of crises who better  to be their hero than you???

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