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Pet First Aid NZ

Pet First Aid NZ

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. Now is a great time to learn how to care for your precious pet in the event of an accident or emergency.

To celebrate this years Pet First Aid month Share My Pet has teamed up with Pet First Aid and Training. We are giving away one pet first aid kit and a Snuffle mat from The Snuffle Shop. A handmade quality item to slow down your dogs eating, provide mental stimulation and calm anxiety in dogs. Please see either our Facebook page or our Instagram on how to be in to WIN, entry conditions and T&C’s.

Did you know 90% of pets will experience at least one emergency situation in their life time?  Accidents can occur in a matter of seconds and being prepared and knowledgeable can be the difference between an injury with minor implications or serious consequences that could even result in death. Would you know what to do if your pet got burnt? Suffered from heat stroke or had a punctured paw??

Luckily for New Zealanders we now have access to a NZ based company called Pet First Aid & Training. The one day course has been written with a team of veterinarian professionals and covers 23 different modules. The Pet First Aid Courses educate both pet owners and those working in the industry on animal first aid and emergency situations.

Pet First Aid Courses run nationwide. Please check out the Pet First Aid Facebook page for current courses on offer nationwide. Due to Covid 19 these courses are currently suspended but will be back once things resume some sense of normality. 

What the course covers 

During the 6 hours you will cover over 20 different medical situations and the course is hands on for all attendees. You will get the opportunity to learn CPR and Rescue Breathing on specially imported mannequins from the USA and also practice your bandaging skills on live animals. Learn to recognize everyday poisons that are around our home, how to recognize the symptoms and how to help stabilize your animal until you can get professional help. This course will empower you and give you confidence in an emergency situation. Topics covered include rescue breathing, CPR, shock, hypothermia, poisoning, broken bones and so much more! 

Would A Pet First Aid Course Be Right For Me?

YES! If you own a pet or spend any time around animals and pets this course definitely has something to offer. The Pet First Aid Course is a one day course that runs over 6 hours. Hands on and practical -it gives you the confidence to act quickly should a first aid situation with your pet ever occur.

I attended the Pet First Aid course several years ago in Nelson and loved it. Our training group was an electric mix of people from all walks of life. A passion for animals was the common denominator. As founder of Share My Pet and lover of all animals it was wonderful to see such a dedicated group of people come together to learn about pet first aid. My hope would be to see all pet owners and pet carers complete one of these courses!

Feeling empowered by knowledge

The course was run by Josie who is the owner and manager of Pet First Aid. Her lovely companion Kaygin, a big ball of fluff and love came along too. He is a super patient dog. Kaygin let us practice our bandaging skills, whole body checks and much more on him. The course was extremely well organised and we received a first aid manual to take home and a certificate of completion.

Learning about how to react in an emergency and how best to assist your pet during this time is empowering and builds confidence. Accidents do occur and by knowing the basics of what to do and staying calm in an emergency the animal in your care has a much better chance of recovery and survival.

Be your pets hero!

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has a beloved pet, is an animal lover or is frequently in contact with animals. Your pets deserve the best and in a time of crises who better to be their hero than you? For further reading check out this article about Pet First Aid.

[Competition now finished] Check out our Pet First Aid Month GIVEAWAY, you could be in to win 1x Pet First Aid Kit and 1x large Snufflemat. Please go to our Facebook or Instagram page to see how to enter and T&C’s. Competition closes April 15th 2020 at 6pm.

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  1. Hi there, thank you for sharing this article. Actually every pet owner should have knowledge on first aid for their pets in case of an emergency. This will also help the owners not to panic.

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