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Happy pets keep us smiling during Covid 19 lockdown

A collection of links to some great advice on keeping your pets happy, entertained and stimulated during our COVID-19 lock-down and beyond.

NZ is in lock-down. As the days unfold most of us already have a sense of what the remaining month might be like in our bubbles. It’s early days yet, we all still have the opportunity to create some great new routines, amazing memories and form an even better bond with our pets during this time. How you spend the next month or so could set you and your pet up for much happiness in the future.

The Share My Pet family and I hope that all pet owners are enjoying the extra bonding opportunities with their furry charges. More snuggles and playtime with your pets! Happy pets are relaxed, great company and contibute to our sense of wellbeing.

As my pet’s slumber beside me I am going to use this time to put together a list of great resources for pet owners on how to keep your pets happy and cared for during these crazy times.


We all know exercise is beneficial to both ourselves and our pets. Lets keep up daily contact with fresh air and nature. Remember to FOLLOW THE GOVERNMENTS COVID-19 LOCK-DOWN LEVEL RULES – they are in place to save lives, protect those at higher risk and keep us all healthy.

To check out current rules in NZ regarding exercising your pets during COVID-19 please check out the following links. Keep in mind that things can rapidly change so please keep up to date with the latest news and follow all government guidelines to the T.


Companion Animals Register covid exercise

Stuff: Coronavirus: Kiwis need to keep their pets in lockdown bubble too

Keeping your pet mentally stimulated

The average dog sleeps about 12 to 14 hours per 24 hour cycle. Cats reign supreme at clocking any where between 15 -20 hours per day. Keep in mind younger animals whilst noticeably more active when awake (think energetic shredding of that precious toilet paper) will still require longer periods of rest due to their continuing growth and development.

Let sleeping dogs lie they say….

However, that still leaves plenty of hours in the day where your pet will be giving you the pleading eyes. ‘Just throw that ball already!’ Or guilt trips you for an extra walk.

There is no time better than now to be with our pets and enjoy their unconditional love, goofiness and antics. It’s scientifically proven that pets lower our blood pressure, feelings of stress and anxiety and boost our sense of wellbeing. As pet owners I would say we are incredibly fortunate to be graced by the presence of our furry companions.

Check out these great reads for keeping your pets mind sharp and focused.

Top ways to mentally stimulate your dog

Ten games to keep your dog mentally stimulated


30 days will be a long time for some pets to go without their regular trips to the doggie spa and groomers. Grooming can be a very bonding time for you and your pet. Check out these links for great tips on how to keep your pet looking and smelling great (especially important now when they are trying to hog the couch and invade your bed).

Do’s and don’t of grooming your pet at home

Dog grooming tips by breed

DIY cat grooming

Keep an eye on your Facebook pages to see live streams being offered by various groomers across the nation on how to keep your dog salon fresh.

Trick Training

Whether your dog is a pro, a beginner or somewhere in between now is a great time to brush up on or introduce trick training. Our Miss Muppet has an impressive bag of tricks up her sleeve. However yesterday we went out to dust off our trick bag and realised we were both badly out of form. Training of any sort requires patience, treats and consistency. Remember to calculate treat portions into your pet’s total value of food intake for every day. We would hate to see pets that can juggle 6 balls but are now severely overweight as a consequence to all those treaties…

Great sights to check out:

10 fun impressive tricks to teach your dog

Easy tricks for beginners

Ultimate list of dog trick ideas

How to train your dog


Nosework: Exhaust Your Dog & Teach Impulse Control (No Shoes Needed)

Three Simple Nose Work Games to Play With Your Dog

Obedience Training

Currently there are TONS of free or paid online training courses being offered for you and your dog. Check out if your favourite trainer is offering this service and support local business whilst teaching your pooch.

markvette obedience training

5 Essential commands you can teach your dog

Make your own pet toys

An old T shirt, sock , cardboard box or plastic bottle can keep some pets entertained for hours. Get the kids involved. Family fun for everyone!

33 Dog toys you can make from home

How to make DIY dog toys

Create your own DIY cat toys

How to make DIY toys for rabbits

Clever ways to get your pet to work for their food

Feeding time is a fantastic time to get creative. Check out some ideas below to not only slow your pet down when eating but also provide them with extra mental stimulation and fun at feeding time.

Inventive ways to feed-your dog

Slowing down dogs when eating

Ditch the bowl

New Zealand’s own designer of the Snuffle mat helps dogs to slow down their eating, entertains an inquisitive mind or helps calm an anxious dog. Made out of thick layers of fleece simply hide your treats or dry feed in the Snuffle mat and watch your dog snuffle away. Currently they are not shipping due to COVID-19 but check them out Snuffleshop and get your orders ready for when they resume business.

Share My Pet wishes you all a peaceful and safe time over the next wee while.While you are bunked down with your pets we hope happy memories are being formed. Something to keep in mind is that after this time of being with us humans 24/7 for some pets it will be upsetting and confusing when we head back to work. Please read the following article from Dog Minds NZ, they have great and relevant information to share with dog lovers.

Enjoyed this read?

Head over to our website for lots of information about pet sharing and pet related topics. Share My Pet is New Zealand’s first pet sharing community in NZ. United by the love of pets, together we stand strong. Kia kaha everyone, keep well.

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