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Dog sharing dates and furry friends via Share My Pet

Dog sharing dates in New Zealand are becoming more popular thanks to kiwi company Share My Pet. Timmy Gill the Sydney Silky joined Share My Pet in 2019. His owner Swarna knew her little dog would love some additional company, adventures and love in his life. Timmy is a very sociable and curious family member and Swarna has been dedicated to enriching Timmy’s life through pet sharing with Share My Pet.

Swarna created Timmy’s profile online and started communicating with potential pet carers via the website to arrange dog sharing dates.

I simply love this platform of pet sharing and connecting dog owners with local dog lovers for walks” Says Swarna, Timmy’s owner.

Dog sharing dates-lets sniff it out

Tiny, excitable and full of love Timmy, a Sydney Silky hit the pet sharing scene in 2019. Soon after, he stole Eleanor’s heart. Eleanor found out about pet sharing through an article in the Dominion Post. Her mum saw the article and pointed out to her that pet sharing could be the perfect way to get in some canine cuddles on a part time basis. To read about pet sharing in Wellington click here.

Eleanor lives at home with her parents and is studying at Vic University. Frequent travel and busy life styles have meant the family have chosen not to own their own pet. The family have decided to stay pet-less until the time is right to offer a pet the full time love and care they deserve. The solution? Pet sharing!

Eleanor met Timmy Gill for a dog sharing date just before Covid-19 hit. Together her and Timmy explore Wellington, get fresh air and sniff out dog friendly areas. During lockdown all pet sharing ceased but once the restraints lifted the two friends reunited. Timmy and Eleanor have a visible bond of love. Eleanor has learnt about Timmy’s quirks. He can be lead reactive – Timmy likes to think he’s one of the big boys. She takes her responsibilty as a pet carer seriously and Timmy knows he is in safe and loving hands with her. Timmy adores cuddles, attention and treats, all of which Eleanor happily provides.

For me, the best thing about pet sharing is what it does for my mental health. When I’m feeling anxious or down, being able to go for walks with a cute little friend brings me so much happiness”. Eleanor, pet carer.

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

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