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Pet Sharing, is it always love at first sight?

Pet sharing is about connecting with each other and making new friendships with a pet. It can be love at first sight! While other times it can take time to find your perfect match. In this article we discuss how to pet share using Share My Pet and give some tips on finding your perfect furry match.

Fact- pets love attention! They also boost out sense of well-being and bring us happiness.

Pet sharing 101

Pet owners love that their pets are getting some additional exercise and company and pet carers who otherwise wouldn’t have contact with pets get to enjoy a cuddle and some good times with a floofy buddy.

The process of pet sharing begins when you create your FREE profile for yourself as a pet carer or for your pet that you want to share on the Share My Pet website. You then have access to search for pets and people pet sharing in your local area. Using pre-written messages, Share My Pet allows you to make contact with other members and show your interest before you commit to paid membership. Once you find a pet or person you wish to contact, you can send them a pre-written message to show your interest. Or you can upgrade to paid premium membership and have access to the full direct messenger system. This will speed up your chances of connecting sooner. Then, you communicate with each other, ask questions, and have a chat about your pet sharing needs.

The day you meet in the real world, you will both already have a good idea about what each other’s pet sharing expectations are. By then you can determine if it is really love at first sight.

When you make a great match – you will all feel it!

Several pet sharing dates later….

Fast forward a few weeks. You have met several times, and taken the pet out on your own for a few outings.

Is the pet super excited to see you? Are you feeling bonded? What happens if you just don’t feel the click? It can happen! And it’s OK. Maybe the pet in question is just too energetic, too strong, or simply doesn’t feel like the right match for you. Maybe you need to connect with another pet and it will be love at first sight.

Communication is key- be honest with each other. Pet sharing should be fun and enjoyable. At no point should you as the pet carer feel worried or under obligation to spend time with a pet. As an owner if you feel very anxious every time your pet is out and about with a particular pet carer, heed those feelings. Be polite and honest, and explain that things aren’t feeling great for you. The same goes if the pet involved seems overly anxious or unhappy when being shared. Pet sharing is aimed to enrich and build up pets and people, not cause stress and anxiety.

Sometimes you may have to meet several pets before you find one that you really connect with.

Points to consider

Here are some valuable tips to consider;

  • Consider all family members when pet sharing, will they all get along and feel safe and happy?
  • Stay local – it is much easier, more convenient and practical to share a pet that’s is close by to you or fits into your regular routine.
  • Be realistic about your time and commitment, life is busy, pet sharing should be a joy and not an obligation. Be realistic about how available you are and how often you want to pet share.
  • It’s OK to share several pets before you find your perfect match.

Our pet sharing journey began several years ago and we have shared both of our dogs, Miss Muppet and Snout regularly. Our kitty Elfie has also been involved in sharing as has the pony. Not only have we shared our pets, we have also cared for other peoples pets regularly. Pet sharing connects you to your community and you make new friends with like minded people. It is a fun and rewarding way to enrich your life and the lives of pets.

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

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