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Pet Sharing Perks and new fur-ships!

Ana from Auckland recently joined Share My Pet as a pet carer.

Can you imagine the joy of seeing your pet receive extra exercise, love and attention from someone other than yourself or your family members with pet sharing? Introducing Share My Pet! A great new option to consider for enriching the life of your pet and connecting with animal lovers in your local community.

Founders of Share My Pet, Lili and Dave created the website with the aim to enhance the lives of pets. The website connects kiwi pet owners to local community members that want to be a part of an animals life. The concept is ideal if you are passionate about animals but currently don’t own your own. Ideal for students, frequent travelers, people living in rental or generally busy people. If you do not have the time to commit to being a full time pet owner you can still enjoy the company of a pet. And the best thing about the pet sharing community is that it brings pets and people together.

Share My pet offers you a chance to cuddle a kitty or have an opportunity to look after someones pet when they go on holiday. All the benefits of owning your pet without the cost or full time commitment.

As a pet owner you know how much your pets adore company. If you work long hours or feel guilty that occasionally your pet doesn’t get the attention they deserve take the time to connect with an animal lover via Share My Pet. Pet carers signed up with Share My Pet love to spend some time bonding pets. Arrange a play date for your your dog, an extra walk or companionship during the day. Pet sharing is also a great way to arrange socialising dates for your dog with other dogs!

Jenny and her Corgi Panko joined Share My Pet and have been enjoying their pet sharing journey.

Lets talk safety!

How do the pets being shared stay safe? How can you ensure the people you come into contact with have good intentions? Glad you asked! The safety and well being of all pets is of highest importance to Share My Pet members.

The website allows pet owners and animal lovers to create a profile. They then connect with each other via a messenger system. All initial contact is made via the messenger system. All data such as home address and phone numbers are kept private. Once a pet owner and a pet borrower decide to meet up they are encourage to do so in a public space. A local cafe or doggie friendly park make ideal first meet n greets.

Both parties will have an opportunity to meet each other and have a chat. When there is an initial good feeling both pet owner and pet carer can decide to proceed with further dates. It may take several dates and meetings to establish trust in each other. The new carer must have a desire to learn about the pets needs, their personality and how to best look after them.

The process of meeting a carer for your pet will require time, commitment, honesty and great communication. It is not a quick fix solution to your pet care needs. Get to know each other and discuss your specific family rules in regards to keeping your beloved pet safe. Take time to form a relationship with each other. In a world that’s on fast forward, where every one wants instant solutions Share My Pet holds old values dear, such as community bonds and face to face communication.

The benefits however for everyone involved once you have made a perfect match are incredible.

For further reading on pet sharing safely please click here

The share My Pet Coffee Club

Fusee Rouge is part of the Share My Pet Canine Coffee CLub and offers all members a free Pupperchino for 4 legged visitors.

Share My Pet has created a Canine Coffee Club to help bring pets and people together in our local communities. These are great places to go on a first date with your new fur buddy. Nationwide there are wonderful pet friendly cafes on board offering Share My pet premium members have full access to the Canine Coffee Club. As a full member you receive discounts and treats for you and your 4 legged companion to enjoy. To find out more about the Canine Coffee Club click here.

The N.Z Animal Companionship Register assists with keeping pets safe.

Share My Pet encourages all pets to be micro-chipped and registered with the New Zealand Animal Companionship Register. They do an amazing job at helping lost pets unite with their owners. It is easy to register your pet and it helps ensure that any pet lost has the best possible chances for finding its way home. This is highly recommended whether you intend on sharing your pet or not. Accidents can happen to anyone and Share My Pet encourages all pet owners to practice responsible pet ownership.

A healthy future for pets and people

Take the time to form a relationship with the person you will entrust your pet with. The rewards you will get are beneficial not only to the pet being shared but also the people involved. Pet sharing is good for your mental and physical health. Human members report on loving the companionship and closer community bonds that pet sharing offers. Pet sharing is taking place all over the world and benefiting both pets and people. Click here check out some pet sharing stories from happy members who have joined Share My Pet. Let this be the beginning of your pet sharing journey. Connecting pets, people and building a strong community of animal lovers in New Zealand.

Share My pet Celebrating 2 years of pet sharing at Jacks Garden a pet friendly Cafe in Nelson this year.

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

Woofs & Wags

Lili & Dave 
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