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Benefits of Pet Sharing to You and Your Pets

The concept of pet sharing is becoming well established in New Zealand with the launch of Share My Pet. Many other countries such as the UK, America, and Australia have also embraced the wonders of pet sharing. Not only does it allow pets to experience extra love, companionship, and care. It also provides health benefits of pet sharing to your pet and people involved. Pet sharing also forms close community bonds. With new friendships and puppy love in the air, let’s take a closer look at what pet sharing is all about.

Our Pet Sharing Journey

Dave and Lili founded Share My Pet in 2018 because they believe in enriching the lives of pets. The happiness and safety of pets lies at the very heart of every pet sharing connection.

As the guardians of 2 dogs, Miss Muppet and Snout, a kitty and the mini pony, the Nelson couple know that pets love receiving extra stimulation and adventures. Lili (co-founder of Share My Pet) says “pets are family members, our aim is to enrich their lives and offer them safe ways to experience extra love and joy in their lives”. Since launching Share My Pet their dogs have been shared with several wonderful people in the Nelson community. Dave, co-founder of Share My Pet “ The love our dogs have for their pet carers is immense! Not only do the dogs love their pet carers- we do too! We feel more connected with our community and have made new friends via pet sharing.

It takes time and effort to form relationships of trust between pet carer and pet owner. However the benefits of pet sharing pay off in so many ways. By the time your pet goes on their first pet share they are not going with a stranger. They are in the company of a new friend that loves them! For more information check out this blog on pet sharing safely.

Mental health

The benefits of pets and our mental health is well researched. Pets reduce our stress levels, lower heart pressure, bring us to laughter. Furthermore, they motivate us to get outside into the fresh air and connect with nature. Pet sharing also helps you to feel more connected with your community and those around you. You get so many smiles and friendly chats with strangers and fellow pet owners when you are out and about dog walking. For further reading about how pet sharing and dog ownership keep you positive please check out – 3 major mental health benefits of spending time with a dog.

Community collaboration & neighbourhood love

Through collaboration and community love we can get through anything. How nice is it to know that you have the support of other pet lovers and pet owners in your neighborhood and as a nation! Share My Pet believes that there are thousands of ways in which we can connect via the love of animals.

While you are back at the office working an eight hour day your dog is stuck at home pining for your company. Barking and destroying household items is a true indicator of boredom. However, down the road from you could be a person training for a 10km run or someone might be working night shifts and keen for some canine companion. Match made! Every pet sharing relationship is unique. The arrangement you come to is decided between yourself and the other person involved and what suits you both and the pet involved.

Canine Coffee Club

Share My Pet is so excited to announce the Canine Coffee Club! If you love dogs and coffee then this one is for you! In a bid to promote and celebrate pet friendly places to go with your canine friend Share My Pet and some of NZ’s dog friendliest cafes have teamed up. Cafes onboard will offer Share My Pet Premium Members discounts to hot drinks and doggie treats such as pupperchinos. The aim is to have lots of great dog friendly cafes to visit when you are socialising and out and about with your best furry friend. This could be when on a pet sharing date or with your own pooch at your heels.

Share My Pet Canine Coffee Club

Premium Membership Bonuses

This is the time to support kiwi businesses. Share My Pet have collaborated with lots of NZ’s favourite pet products and services and offer premium members some fantastic discounts. By shopping local and supporting kiwi businesses you are ensuring these companies stick around to continue what they do best- provide fur babies in NZ with excellent goodies, products and services.

For more information check out the Share My Pet Premium Membership Bonuses blog

Let’s talk money

Share My Pet believes that pet sharing comes from the heart- you want your pet to have the best life. Or you love animals and want to spend quality time with them on a part time basis. Lili and Dave therefore do not think of pet sharing as some thing to be done solely because it can save you money. The cost of professional dog walking, dog sitting, kennels and so forth is expensive. This we know to be true. Share My Pet sits as an option alongside your pet care needs and is a perfect option to compliment or enhance your pets life. It has been created to enrich and add to the happiness to the lives of pets.

The value your pet gets from receiving additional walks and attention is priceless. As a Premuim Member you receive some wonderful bonuses that include access to our Canine Coffee Club and Premium Membership Bonus Page.

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

Woofs & Wags

Lili & Dave 
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