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Sharing A Dog: 3 Major Metal Health Benefits

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend. Making true to the phrase, they indeed bring joy and laughter into our lives. For many pet owners, their pets help them relieve stress. It keeps them happy, thus making them release positive vibes and energy for a happier atmosphere both at home, work, or when out and about. The same thing occurs when sharing a dog.

Pet owners have claimed that their lives become happier and lighter with their pets around. The mood changes when they play with their dogs. And somehow, it affects their overall health—physical, mental, and emotional health too.

Pet Sharing is also gaining new friends while teaching your dog to make new friends.

Pets Help Us Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Stress

There are lots of factors that could possibly cause people too much stress. When this happens, you tend to have health issues like high blood pressure, heart problems, irregular sleep, or anxiety.

Over the years, people in the medical field have tried gathering information to help patients reduce the level of stress. Thus, the discovery of therapy dogs.  These are dogs trained to provide support, affection, and comfort. Time spent with a dog reduces stress and anxiety, which eventually can reduce the feeling of depression. This also leads to the concept of the mental health benefits of owning or sharing a dog.

When you are with a dog, oxytocin is released and lowers cortisol levels. This oxytocin is what people call as the feel-good hormone or the love hormone. This hormone promotes attachment in relationships, and if you are someone who suffers depression, this relationship attachment with dogs can help draw you out of hopelessness and enable you to see hope. Our furry friends offer us unconditional love and bring warmth and laughter into our lives.

Gives You The Feeling Of Commitment

Experience the relaxing feeling when you are with a dog.

Owning a dog is both a commitment and a responsibility. It provides a purpose for your life. You have the responsibility to feed them, keep them safe, and care for them. Caring for pets brings pleasure and creates a feeling of self-worth and accountability to your fur friend. Come rain or shine they will motivate and encourage you to head outside into the fresh air, exercise, and connect with those around you.

The effect of this simple fact that you are important and needed helps you realign or reconnect with the world. It will give you an important place in the world that was once blown away due to the effect of depression or anxiety. It also structured your purpose when you help someone experience this feeling by sharing your pets to someone who can’t afford to have one.

Luckily for kiwis who do not have their own pets there is now an option available to become an important part of a pets life. Share My Pet exists to helps pet owners connect with animal lovers. It is an organization that allows pets to receive extra love, care, exercise, and adventures with people who want to become a meaningful part of their lives. And as you allow your pet to enjoy other’s company in a safe way, your pet also benefits. So, if you have a dog or other pets that would enjoy the company of people while you are busy or at work, Share My Pet could be your perfect solution.

Owning or Sharing a Dog Makes you Physically Active

Go for a morning walk with a dog.

One of the major roles of a pet owner is allowing them to exercise. This does not have to be an exercise that requires a different level of an intense workout. Simple walking and playing with dogs are a great way of making them happy and healthy. When the need for the dogs to walk arises, this would also mean you have to walk with them.

Dogs love to walk around the neighborhood, catching and chasing objects and sniffing everything. Whatever you do with dogs, these activities will take you away from the feeling of depression and bring positivity and joy into your life. When you spend more time with dogs, the more you get out and about, the better you will feel. And when you feel happy, the dog in your company feels happy too, which is a good sense of fulfillment.


There are lots of mental health benefits of owning a pet. And these benefits will also help others as you share your pets with them. Most of the time, it is the feeling of depression and anxiety that keeps you from being mentally healthy. Feeling unconnected to your community and those around you can influence the way you feel. So, if you feel the need to reduce this negativity and connect with those around you then get dogs for mental health therapy. But if it too expensive for you, search for a local community that offers dog sharing such as Share My Pet. As a pet owner you can give your pet the best life by creating a space they feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in. Click here to read all about how to make your home a pet’s paradise.

Connect with Share My Pet to learn more about pet sharing or how you can care for another person’s pets. And you will soon find out that it gives you many wonderful health benefits.

Share My Pet– helping to build a healthy community of animal lovers and pet owners in New Zealand. Pet sharing is a wonderful way to give your pet additional companionship, love, and care. As someone who doesn’t own a pet, you can now join our pet sharing community and be an important part of a pet’s life. It’s a win/win situation for everyone.

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  1. […] The benefits of pets and our mental health is well researched. Pets reduce our stress levels, lower heart pressure, bring us to laughter. Furthermore, they motivate us to get outside into the fresh air and connect with nature. Pet sharing also helps you to feel more connected with your community and those around you. You get so many smiles and friendly chats with strangers and fellow pet owners when you are out and about dog walking. For further reading about how pet sharing and dog ownership keep you positive please check out – 3 major mental health benefits of spending time with a dog. […]

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