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Top tips for creating the perfect profile

Hello animal lovers!               

So you have looked at the Share My Pet website and like what you see. Now you are ready to fill out your profile and add your pet’s profile too.

With these easy tips you can create a great profile that is informative, fun and increases the chances of finding a perfect match.

  • Keep it simple. Give lots of information relevant to your pet or about yourself but keep content short and sweet.
  • Share My Pet allows a maximum of three photos to be uploaded. Choose pictures that show your pet clearly. Select photos of yourself where your face can be clearly seen and recognisable for future meet ups.
  • Be honest in your description about yourself and your pet. You know your pet best so the more information you can give about your pet’s likes and dislikes the better. For example, if you know your pooch gets nervous around young children please mention it. The more other people can read about your pet to decide if they sound like a great match the better!
  • Add any medical information relevant to your pets. For example, medicine your pet is on, existing or old injuries to be aware of, allergies, etc.
  • Add any notes that you think as an owner are important for a Carer to know. For example, keep dog on lead at all times as has strong hunting drive and will chase after rabbits/birds if loose.

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