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Pet Sharer: The Manual of Excellence

How to be a Super Pet Sharer

Congratulations, pet owners and pet sharer! You have made a big step towards increasing your pets’ happiness. You are providing them with a way to receive extra companionship, care, love, and exercise while you are busy or away.

The big thing for most Pet owners (you as our Pet Sharer) is overcoming “the fear”. It’s a big deal to find someone you trust and feel comfortable leaving your fur baby and best buddy with. We at Share My Pet totally understand these feelings and the emotions and questions you may have before you feel you are ready to start sharing your pet. Once you find a Carer who instills a sense of trust and calm in you, then you will know you’ve found the right match. A sure sign of a great match is seeing how happy your pet is to see their Carer or how happy and relaxed they are when they come back from an outing.



Communication will initially be made via the Share My Pet messenger system. Use the messenger to get to know each other a bit. Once you feel like you would like to meet in the “real world” arrange a date that suits you both. Share My Pet advises all initial meetings take place in neutral areas such as a cafe or dog-friendly park. Once you have both decided that you’re a good match, phone numbers and personal details such as addresses can be exchanged. At no point in interacting via the Share My Pet site can either party see the address or phone number of the other person. This is something only you can arrange between yourselves after meeting up in person.

TRUST and HONESTY are crucial to all the relationships you will form between yourself and your Carer. Be really honest about your pet, including their likes and dislikes, favorite foods, any medical history, current or past injuries, diet, and intolerances. Share information about how your pet is around children and other animals. The more information your Carer has about your pet the better. Your Carer is there to provide your pet with fun, enjoyable companionship so if they know your pet’s favourite games, hangouts, treats and activities – all the better! Carers are going to want to know your family rules in regards to commands and safety, e.g., never letting Rover off the lead as they have no road safety smarts; correct feeding amounts; voice commands used and so forth.


As a Sharer, you know your pet best! You know what makes them happy and what can cause them anxiety. Please pass on all this information to your Carer and spend some time with them teaching them any commands, techniques or jobs that will need doing, for example: how to clean the hutch or fish tank, how to put on a harness so it fits correctly, where food and items relating to your pet are kept, etc. The more time you spend with each other and the pet the more comfortable you will all feel when the Carer has sole charge – including your pet. Take time to get to know each other.


Some great initial questions to ask your potential Carers include:

How much experience do they have with your particular type or breed of pet?

Why are they keen to be a Carer?

How often they can foresee themselves wanting to commit to caring for your pet?

Are they Caring for any ones else’s pet either currently or in the past?

How do they feel they would cope in an emergency?

Do they have their own transport?

Are they willing and able to do home care (either at their own home or at yours)?

Will children be involved with any of the caring?


As the pet owner, you are responsible for providing any of the following items as is fitting for your situation. These will vary depending on the duration of care (i.e., holiday care, a short walk to the park, regular weekend help, etc.).

Sharers need to make sure Carers are left with any items their pet may need such as:

The food they may need, including any usual supplements or treats

Equipment such as leads/leashes/collars, etc.

Medication with clear instructions on how to give and how often.

Feeding bowls/water bowls

Kitty litter and box

Scratching post

Crates/beds/cages or tanks


Favorite toys


Anything else required to make your pet feel safe and happy and to assist the Carer in doing a great job.

We highly advise you to have a conversation with a potential Carer about what to do in the event of an emergency before any sharing occurs. Please provide information to your Carer about what to do in case of a medical emergency and tell them which vet practice your pet is registered to. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to pay for any medical costs to their pet. Discuss what you would like to do in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster.


Your number one goal is to make sure that your pet’s Carer has all the information they will need to look after and treat your pet the way you would. If you know your pet is well cared for, then you can relax knowing they are safe and having a great time! Let the sharing begin.

If you enjoyed this blog and would like further reading on all things pets and animals or pet sharing, please go to our website Share My Pet and check out our news section. We have many more blogs, a media page, or lots of information about pet safety. Happy reading!

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