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Ideal First Meet and Greets

So the happy day has arrived! You have found a potential match through Share my Pet and are ready to meet each other.

The first time an owner (Sharer) and a borrower (Carer) meet up, it is important to choose a neutral public space where both parties feel comfortable. We recommend that this be either a local park, dog-friendly park or a cafe. Because trust is fundamental to the success of Share My Pet, all meetings should take place in open, public spaces during the day and should be agreed upon by both members.

Pet Sharing benefits the lives of everyone involved.

Trust your first instinct about a meeting and remember that your pet has finely tuned instincts too. Some connections are just not to be – the “click” might not be there and that’s perfectly OK. If you have a meeting and feel it’s not right for you and your pet, or vice versa – that’s fine! The perfect match is out there waiting for you.

In the case of sharing an animal such as a pony, cat or bunny, for example, bringing the animal along is not an option for obvious reasons. In these instances leave your pet at home and make the initial meeting on your own. If the meeting goes well and you both feel comfortable to proceed you can discuss and arrange to meet the animal at the Sharer’s home.

It is a great idea to meet at:

  • a local dog-friendly parks
  • a local dog-friendly beaches
  • a cafe
  • another public space where you both feel comfortable.
  • check out our Pet Friendly Cafe and Restaurant Directory for great ideas on dog friendly places to meet up right across New Zealand.

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