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Share My Pet’s First Share !!

Sharing Happening!!!

Share My Pet has had its first sharer and carer connection. This week Miss Muppet, our Border Terrier had her first shares with 2 Share My Pet members. Faith and Hannah live locally in Nelson and are keen to jump on board with our pet sharing adventure. Our very first reaction was excitement; “people in the  community are signing up as both sharer’s and carers, things are really moving forward!”. Then slight anxiety; “oh my goodness, our fur baby is potentially going  out on adventures with a virtual stranger, will she be OK?”.  I am pretty sure these feelings are normal and justified. Sharing your fur baby and best friend is a big deal.

Here is a break down of how our meetings were organised from initial contact via the Share My Pet website to the actual meeting. Miss Muppet now has new people in her life to give her attention and love. Snout, our other pooch came along along too as we felt it would be sad to leave her behind. Snout is still waiting for her new human buddy- any takers?

Faith, Ross and Miss Muppet’s First Share

Ross and Faith with Miss Muppet on the beach!


“Share my pet is such a great idea! We would love a dog but unfortunately our current living arrangements don’t allow for that, so this allows us to hang with a lovely wee dog 🙂 We really enjoyed our first meeting and are looking forward to some awesome adventures together”

Hannah and Miss Muppet’s First Meeting

Hannah with Miss Muppet and Snout!


 “I had a wonderful meet and greet with Lili, Dave, Miss Muppet and Snout on the beach. Both dogs were extremely friendly and keen to show off all their tricks. Lili and Dave were very considerate and flexible with organising a meet up time and were very fast when replying and contacting. I cannot wait for my future interactions with them and their darling fur babies”

How Did it go?

As soon as we met Faith and Hannah we knew we would be 100% comfortable with them taking our dog(s) out and spending time with them. They were both  immediately likeable, open, honest and obviously animal crazy (yet sensible and mature, you can just tell these things!). We discussed the training commands we use with our dogs, the dogs individual quirks and characteristics and passed on important information about their likes / dislikes and food requirements.

Next week Miss Muppet will get picked up for a solo date with her new buddies, the sharing has begun !!!

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