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2018 – Its all about giving- charity work within Share My Pet

Dear Share My Pet supporters: Happy New Year!

We ended 2017 on a high with the launch of our Share My Pet Website. Following an extremely busy year working on Share My Pet my husband and I took off for 5 weeks over Christmas to go travelling.

Our first destination was Myanmar in South East Asia. During our travels an idea we initially had related to Share My Pet came into clear focus. Yes, primarily we want Share My Pet to benefit the lives of beloved pets.

However the more cats and dogs we saw that were un-cared for in Myanmar the more our hearts opened. The idea of making Share My Pet support animal based charity organisations in both New Zealand and abroad was born.

Yangon Animal Shelter

Whilst in Myanmar we visited a dog shelter in Yangon city called Yangon Animal Rescue Shelter. This amazing center cares for and feeds stray dogs. They are vaccinated, de-sexed  and cared for. Over 500 street dogs brought in from all over the country are given a chance to live a life without pain, fear and hunger.

We spent some time meeting all the wonderful dogs and their carers. We found the experience very intense. Being surrounded by so many dog who were all very excited and noisy, many of whom were keen for attention and affection.

The carers know each dog by name and personality. They have an obvious love for their dogs. They play and interact with them daily. The love and connection between all the dogs and their carers can be felt. The shelter is clean and the dogs are well fed and cared for.

Medical treatment is available if needed. Dogs are grouped in areas according to size, temperament, and age. The shelter is completely non profit and is funded solely through people who foster, adopt, volunteer and  give donations.

You might not be able to change the world, but for one dog you can change their life

As such we decided to donate directly to them via their website where they take pledges via secure payments methods such as paypal. Now that we are home we are continuing our support by giving a monthly donation. For further information please click on this link: Yangon Animal Shelter

Now home again in beautiful New Zealand we feel like the trip opened our eyes and our hearts.There are so many wonderful things we can do within New Zealand to improve the lives of animals. Our aim is to be actively involved in supporting local and national fundraising for animal welfare.

Please follow our journey as Share My Pet pledges to support animal charities around world and in New Zealand.

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