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Dogs improve our mental heath and well-being

Need a mood booster? Cuddle a pet! Dogs and other pets have long been known to boost our mental health and well-being, increase well-being and reduce anxiety. Spending time with dogs improves our mood- it’s a proven fact! To read more about the mood boosting influence of pets click here.

Don’t own your own pet ? No worries, thanks to kiwi company Share My Pet New Zealanders now have an easy way to connect to a part time furry friend. Share My Pet helps kiwi animal lovers and pet owners connect and arrange pet sharing dates throughout the country.

With a growing membership right across N.Z, pet sharing appeals to a huge variety of folk. Busy pet owners, families, students, elderly folk and people missing their pets back home are frequent users. An increase of positivity and wellness is felt by all members- furry ones included. Spending time with dogs and other pets not only improves your well-being, it also helps you to feel connected to your community and make new friends. Share My Pet founder Lili Wenzel recently had a chat with Christchurch based pet carer Evelyn.

Evelyn is a student at Christchurch University. She grew up with pets and has been missing her family dog who passed away. When Evelyn heard about Share My Pet she was keen to join the pet sharing community and get her cuddle fix. Meeting a part time pet to spend quality time with has given Evelyn a sense of improved well-being and happiness. For further reading on how pets are proven to help students achieve positive mental health click here.

Paws-itivity and new furry friends, spending time with dogs improves our mental health.

For about a year now Evelyn has been spending time with Hershey and ZuZu. Twice a week they greet her with enthusiasm at the door. They are always ready to go for an adventure through the reserve or to a local park. Owners Matt and his wife Missy work long hours and love knowing their pets are happy and well looked after while they are busy.

“It’s been great to have both dogs taken out for an extra walk and adventure. Both dogs have bonded with Evelyn and look forward to seeing her”. Matt

Spending time outdoors with her furry friends boosts Evelyns mental health and re-energizes her for study. Pet sharing is easy once you’ve found the right pet and person via the Share My pet website. Initially a bit of effort is required to contact each other and set up a meeting in the real world. Once trust has been established, most pet owners and pet carers communicate to arrange pet sharing dates via txt message, phone or emails. The time invested to form a relationship pays off in so many ways.

“I love how easy pet sharing has been with Hershey and Zuzu. Spending time with them is a perfect brain break during my studies and I always feel positive and happy after our outings together. Being around dogs just makes me happy. I also love that I am helping someone in my community out”. Evelyn

Boost your happiness

Pet sharing not only benefits your mental health. It also brings happiness to the pets involved. Extra socializing, training, new smells, sniffs and friendships are just some of the perks your pet will experience. To join your pet sharing community today simple go to and create your FREE profile. Further great information about the many benefits of spending time with pets can be found here.

Your free profile allows you to see all pets and pet borrowers onboard within your local area. Once you have found a pet or person you think is a good match simply upgrade to paid Premium membership.

Arrange pet sharing dates, holiday care and adventures with a furry friend. Be part of the pet sharing community in NZ and enjoy the benefits that spending time with a pet brings you. The pets involved love all the extra attention too!

Think you pet would make a great therapy pet? If you are interested in learning more about how to get involved with pet therapy click here.

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

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  1. […] On her first pup date with Ziggy, he was a bit shy and reserved. Ziggy, his pet parents and Alix all took the time to get to know each other. Through open conversation and time spent together a relationship of trust developed. Pet sharing requires commitment and time. Honest conversations help to best fulfill everyone’s expectations and needs. Once connections have been established though, they can last for years! To read more about the benefits of pet sharing read our blog “how dogs improve our mental health and well being”. […]

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