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It’s a (dog sitting) date! Snoopy & his Valentine’s match

Going away and need dog sitting? Share My Pet can help! Snoopy the Maltese X found himself in a pickle when his local kennel was unable to accommodate him. His owner was booked in for a weekend away with friends and she needed a dog sitter-pronto!

Luckily Snoopy’s owner Stacie had already heard about Share My Pet New-Zealand’s only pet sharing community. In less than a day of creating Snoopy’s profile and having a chat with match making expert Lili- Snoopy found a safe and caring family home to spend Valentine’s weekend. Here is what everyone involved had to say about the dog sitting experience with Share My Pet.

Dog sitting- Snoopy’s owner says:

“We recently had a wonderful experience with Share My Pet. We had a weekend away booked and our dog sitter became unavailable. After registering with Share My Pet I received a personal call from Lili. Lili was so kind and understanding. She said “leave it with me, I’ll see if I can find someone who would be happy to have Snoopy for the weekend”. Lili connected us back quickly with the most amazing Pet sitter. Snoopy went and stayed for the weekend and got so spoilt. The sitter is a teacher who took Snoopy to school with her. He had a fantastic time. Great news is we are now connected with an amazing dog sitter .Snoopy has another sleepover planned. We are so grateful to have connected with Share My Pet and a wonderful pet borrower. “

Snoopy gives his lick of approval for pet sharing dates

New friends! I love meeting people so the first time I greeted pet borrower Beck, my tail was already wagging! Beck came along to our first introductory date with treats for me- what a champion! The next time we met up I was so happy to see her- this time we got to hang out for the whole weekend. I do like peanuts and cuddles, and walks in the rain, so I thoroughly enjoyed being fussed over all weekend.

Beck already knew from chatting to my owner that I am super relaxed with kids. She let me come along to her school as her classroom assistant. Woof! The kids in her class loved me! Talk about all day pats and attention!

Snoopy lapping up all the pats!

Beck- Pet Borrower/ dog sitter with Share My Pet

I joined Share My Pet over 3 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed dog sitting several local dogs. When I heard that little Snoopy needed holiday care for several nights on Valentines weekend I jumped at the opportunity. Having always had my own dog, I miss the pitter patter of little paws. My wee girl Sophie passed away last year and I miss her everyday.

Before our Valentine’s weekend together, Snoopy, his owner and myself decided to have a meet up and all get to know each other a bit. By the time Snoopy got dropped off at my place we already all felt like friends. Snoopy is a great little pooch and I thoroughly enjoy having him around.

Since his Valentine’s date he has joined me back in class. My students adore Snoopy. As teacher it is wonderful to observe the bonds and calming effect having a classroom pet has on student behaviour and learning. We all feel so lucky to have met little Snoopy.

To read more about the benefits of classroom pets click here.

Pet sharing dates can be arranged for when you need holiday care or dog sitting for your fur baby. Pet sharing is also perfect for day time hangouts and adventures, puppy play dates with other dogs or calm day time company for your dog when you are at work. As every pet sharing relationship is unique, it is up to the pet owner, the fur baby and pet borrower to communicate clearly and work out how every one’s needs are best met. Come join your pet sharing community today!

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

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