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Preparing for pet ownership, Share My Pet can help!

Making the decision to welcome a new furry baby into your home is both exciting and rewarding. Time needs to go into preparing for pet ownership. Have you done your research? Is the pet you are thinking of getting going to be the right temperament, size and fit for your lifestyle?

Share My Pet has been created to help pet owners and animal lovers connect to arrange pet sharing dates. This is perfect for people who live busy lives and animal lovers who want the joy of animal companionship without the full time cost of commitment of owning a pet.

Pet sharing also allows you to meet with several pet owners and spent valuable time with a variety of types or breeds of pets so you can make a really well informed decision. Share My Pet hopes to help reduce the number of rehomed and neglected pets in New Zealand by encouraging responsible pet ownership. Having an opportunity to “try before you buy” may encourage people to get experience and knowledge first hand by connecting with pet owners that are happy to share their expertise. Preparing for pet ownership gives you the confidence and skills you need to set you and your pet up for success. A bit of planning, research and preparation will go a long way to creating a great start for you and your fur baby.

From newbie to confident fur mum- how Share My Pet changed Faith’s life.

My Husband and I joined Share My Pet nearly 3 years ago and have had an incredible pet sharing journey. Initially we joined Share My Pet to test run whether a Border Terrier would be a good fit for our family.

We looked after Miss Muppet the Border Terrier for over a year and totally fell in love with her. Fast forward and now I am the devoted fur mum of our very own Border Terrier pup called Pipi.

We currently Pet Share Pipi with several people via Share My Pet who I trust with my pup when life gets busy. I always want Pipi to be happy, well socialised and safe when I’m not around to spend time with her. We also regularly have puppy play dates with Miss Muppet and exchange holiday care.

Joining the Share My Pet Community has added so much to our lives.

Share Your Pet Sharing Story

Tell us about your pet sharing journey! Just send us an email at with your story or with your phone number and we will be in touch. 

If you have had a really great experience everyone would love to hear about it. Hearing these positive experiences from you will let other people know how amazing pet sharing is. 
Ways to support your pet sharing community;
– Share your pet dates on Instagram with #sharemypetnz
– Send us your story via email
– Add a Facebook review
– Send us a Testimonial

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

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