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Pet Sharing- Panko the Corgi’s Pet Sharing Journey

Pet sharing brings happiness to the pet, the owner and the pet borrower.

Courtney, Panko’s Pet Borrower

Panko is off on a pet sharing adventure with his pet borrower Courtney

Pet borrower Courtney joined Share My Pet towards the end of last year looking for a canine companion to take on adventures and this is their pet sharing stories. Courtney was new to Dunedin and really missed being around animals. At home, she was used to spending time with pets through pet sitting. Having grown up around dogs and other animals she was really missing the companionship of her canine friends. Now that she lives in rental accommodation and can’t have her own pet. The option to pet share has been perfect for her.

Once COVID 19 hit all pet sharing ground to a halt. Now we are in level 2 Courtney and her new furry buddy Panko have resumed their pet sharing dates. They head off for dog walks along the beach and Courtney has met loads of both doggo and human friends that Panko knows. Pet sharing has been a social and relaxed way of getting some fresh air and enjoying nature in the company of a dog. One day when Panko was out and about with his owner Jenny, he saw Courtney and gave her the most joyous greeting. Seeing your pet get loved on by their carer is just the best feeling ever!

Jenny pet shares her social Corgi called Panko

Jenny, Panko’s Owner

We met Jenny and Panko at our beach event in 2019 when we visited Dunedin on our pet-friendly roadshow. Jenny has enjoyed her pet sharing experiences so far. That is why she would love to let others know about her experience to encourage others to tell their pet sharing stories. She loves the fact that Panko gets to spend quality time with a new friend. She especially enjoys that Panko gets to socialize with other people and dogs when she’s busy at work. He comes home from dates happy and relaxed, with that beach swept happy dog vibe.

“Arranging pet sharing dates with Courtney has been effortless. Courtney is easy to communicate with. I feel relaxed knowing that Panko is in safe hands having a great time with her while I am at work”. Jenny, Panko’s owner

Panko the Corgi loves going on a good pet sharing adventure

What does Panko have to say?

“Woof! My name is Panko the Corgi. I just adore going out with my new buddy Courtney! She picks me up when my mum is busy, gives me yummy treats and takes me to my favourite beaches. Car rides are so exciting! I have introduced her to many of my canine buddies and their owners. I’m a popular, friendly pooch, you can follow me on my Instagram account.”

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