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Rabbit and Guinea Pig care- 5 benefits of pet sharing

Let’s talk about rabbit and guinea pig care. Did you know rabbits and other small rodents such as guinea pigs and pet rats can benefit from pet sharing too?

Pet sharing is taking off in a big way right around the world. Rabbits and guinea pigs are family members that deserve the best. Pet sharing with Share My Pet is a solution that works for pet owners and animal lovers who don’t currently have their own pet.

Let’s have a look at how it works!

Reciprocal Rabbit Or Guinea Pig Care

Ever planned a holiday and worried about who will look after your pet rabbit or guinea pig? By joining the Share My Pet community you meet other pet owners and animal lovers that want to help. Unlike most pet hotels, daycare or boarding establishments, pet sharing is done solely out of love not money. As the owner of your snuggle bunny you have the opportunity to connect with other pet owners who understand the specific requirements your pet has. This is great for rabbit, guinea pig or other small furry pet owners. You can arrange reciprocal care when you go on holiday or life throws you a curve ball.

Knowing your pet is in safe hands with some one who is experienced or willing to learn about your pets needs means you can have peace of mind on holiday. To read more about vacationing with your pet rabbit click here.

Caring For A Rabbit-Creature Comforts

Many furry family members are happiest when at home and prefer their creature comforts. Pet sharing allows you to connect with other rabbit or guinea pig owners and animal lovers. Many are happy to come into your home and provide care and cuddles for your pet. This means pets aren’t stressed out by moving to an unfamiliar place. After all- there is no place like home! To read more tips on how to keep your pet rabbit happy at home when you go on holiday click here.

Children Learn About Responsible Pet Care

Share My Pet encourages families and children to learn about pet care before they commit to their own fur baby. It is a fantastic way to experience first hand a pets unique set of needs. Under adult supervision children can learn in a safe way about animal care. They can learn how to care for a pet rabbit, guinea pig or other small rodent and understand how to keep family pets safe and happy in a real setting. To learn more, read ‘Pet sharing, learn about responsible pet care as a family’

Try Before You Buy A Rabbit (Or Other Furry friends)

Considering getting a rabbit or a small critter? Sure, they look adorable but are they really the right pet for you? Pet sharing with Share My Pet gives you the opportunity to try before you buy. Connect with pet owners in your area and get the real experience before you commit. Share My Pet has a vision to help reduce the number of neglected and abandoned animals in NZ. By proving people with a safe way to get involved with family pets before committing to your own.

A Community of Pet Lovers

Have you ever heard the old phrase it takes a village to raise a child? We believe the same is true about our furry family members. Have a village of pet owners and animal lovers around to help when life get busy, or you need a break. Or simply because its great to share the love of pets!


‘We are very impressed with Share My Pet and highly recommend this fantastic service. Lili helped us to connect with a family who were the perfect match for our situation. While we were away it was especially nice to know that Eric, Max and Chocolate were staying with a family who were keen to learn about guinea pigs and were excited to have them. We hope that our boys will be able to have other adventures in the future where they both give joy to another family and receive wonderful care, as they did in this first trip with ‘Share My Pet’. What a great concept this site is’

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

Woofs & Wags

Lili & Dave 
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