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Socializing With Dogs, a pet carers story

Claudia and her furry friend Obi

Socializing with dogs has never been easier. Share My Pet fills that pet shaped void by helping animal lovers who don’t own a pet, connect with pet owners to arrange additional walks, companionship and love for family pets.

Meet Claudia. She has always dreamed of having her own dog, but frequent travel, moving and work commitments has meant the time hasn’t been quite right. Claudia joined Share My pet in May 2020 and has befriended not 1 but 3 furry members. New to Auckland, Claudia and her husband Craig have enjoyed exploring the region with a furry pal and getting to meet people in their neighborhood via pet sharing.

“Joining Share My Pet is a real win/win for both pet owners and pet carers. It’s been a great reason to get out of the house, and go exploring with a new canine companion. A bonus has been the chance to make some new friends” Claudia.

Extra walks, love and socializing for Obi the Cavoodle

Obi the Cavoodle

Obi has been enjoying regular weekly outings with Claudia and pet sharing has been a perfect addition to his routine. Alongside his doggy day care, Obi and Claudia have weekly walks, adventures and coffee dates together. There is always lots of sniffing and socializing with other dogs on the agenda.

“Obi is a typical teenager, he loves to greet everyone and is very enthusiastic about life. Birds and other dogs are a highlight for him.” Claudia.

Claudia is supporting Obi’s training with recall and focuses on road safety. Obi’s owner Lisa discussed all key training words used in his family such as “wait’, “leave it” and “sit” with Claudia. Claudia reinforces these through positive training methods when she spends time with Obi.

Socializing with dogs, companionship and training? What a lucky boy Obi is!

Endlessly Entertained, Findus the Border Terrier

Finus loves his outings with pet carer Claudia

Findus is a mature 4 year old border terrier with a penance for treats and a love of all things nature. Greeting Claudia with full enthusiasm at the door for dates is a high light for Claudia. Findus doesn’t always enjoy big pack walks or meet ups with lots of other bigger dogs so the arrangement of 1 on 1 walks and adventures works perfectly for Findus.

He has great recall and with his love for treats, Findus is a joy to have around. Claudia spends time with Findus on a weekly basis too and has found having 3 dogs living within close distance to her to be a real bonus. Pet sharing dates are arranged via a quick txt or email. Claudia loves reporting back to the owners about how the outings went, special highlights or happenings. How great to have an extra set of eyes watching out for your pets health and happiness!

Socializing brings confidence for Frankie the Cavoodle

Frankie has stolen Craig’s heart (Claudia’s Husband)

At 6 months old Frankie the Cavoodle is a similar age to Obi, though they have very different personalities. Frankie is a lucky pooch whose fur mum often works from home. On occasion, Frankie’s owner Kerry goes out and about and Claudia steps in to provide some puppy companionship and fun.

Dogs love socializing too! For Frankie these play dates with Claudia has been excellent socializing both with other dogs and humans. Frankie errs on the side of caution and needs to be gently coaxed into new situations. Once the bond is established she’s a super sweet girl with eyes that could melt your soul. Want to learn more about socializing your dog?

Frankie has played a special role convincing Claudia husband Craig, that when the time is right, a Cavoodle would be their top pick for their own fur baby.

“Pet sharing is giving us a real insight into different breeds of dogs, their personalities and what is involved with responsible pet ownership. Convincing the hubby that our own puppy one day is a possibility has been such a perk of pet sharing!” Claudia

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

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