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Pet Carer’s Manual: Becoming a Top-notch​ Pet Carer

A Pet Carer’s Manual of Excellence!

Congratulations on becoming a Share My Pet Carer! You have made the first step toward forming a new relationship with a pet and their owner. Your journey of companionship, friendship and trust begins here.

As a Pet Carer, you have a very important role to play. The pets in your care are looking to you to provide them with love and companionship. Their safety and happiness during their time with you is in your hands.. Here are some golden rules and guidelines to help you be the best Carer you can be!


Communication will initially be made via the Share My Pet messenger system. Use the messenger board to communicate with each other and get to know each other a bit. At no point in interacting will Share My Pet make the address or phone number of either person available. Once you feel like you would like to meet in the “real world” arrange a date that suits you both. Share My Pet advises all initial meetings to take place in neutral, public areas such as a cafe or dog-friendly park. Once you both decide that you’re a good match, you can exchange phone numbers and personal contact details. Try to be clear with each other about what you would like to get out of the exchange.


Always be honest and open about your level of experience in animal care. Owners will want to know your level of skill and experience before they feel comfortable and willing to let you care for their beloved pets. If you have little or no experience yet that’s O.K! Be honest about it and be willing to learn all about your new fur buddy with the help of the owner. Great owners love to pass on information and knowledge about what keeps their pets safe and happy. As a Carer, you have a great new opportunity to learn first hand how to care for your chosen pet.


Always put the pet’s safety, health and well being at the center of all you do. Consider if the pet in your care will be safe, comfortable, and enjoying the experiences you are offering them. Some situations such as loud noise, other animals, too many people/children can make pets feel anxious. Be sure to discuss with the owner their pet’s likes/dislikes and personal preferences. Each pet is unique!


We highly advise you to have a conversation with the owner about what to do in the event of an emergency before any sharing occurs. Please ask for information from your Sharer about what to do in case of a medical emergency and know which vet practice the pet in your care is registered to. In case of an emergency or accident, please act with the animal’s best interest at heart and act promptly. You are responsible for ensuring the pet receives prompt help and care. It is the pet owner’s responsibility to pay for any medical costs to their pet. Always carry the Sharer’s (pet owner’s) contact details with you and let them know what and where you are planning on going. Discuss what you would like to do in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster.

If the pet under your care has pre-existing medical conditions and needs medication, then as a Pet Carer you are responsible for carrying these medicines with you. Sharers will make sure they give you clear instructions on how to administer them.

A fantastic idea that we recommend to all our Carers is to gain some skill and confidence in dealing with any emergency by doing a Pet First Aid course. Please see the link below:

Pet First Aid 


Be punctual, reliable, and easy to communicate with. Sharers need to be able to trust you to be on time, stick to dates and arrangements, and be independent with transport. If you have a change of plan, then please contact your Sharer as soon as possible to inform them.


A great and fast way to bond with your new companion will be with treats and rewards. Be sure to ask the Sharer whether their pet has any dietary restrictions, allergies, or is on a diet. Please be familiar with foods and plants that are dangerous and toxic for the pet in your care.

For more information go to:

Poisonous foods for pets


Be prepared for weather conditions to change. In the winter, make sure pets are warm, sheltered, and dry. In hot weather, always have shade and water available. Don’t exercise pets in the hottest part of the day. Never leave an animal in a car! Even for short periods when the weather is warm car temperatures can rise very quickly and be fatal. Please read more on summer safety tips’ at:

SPCA hot weather advice

Share My Pet Summer Safety Tips


Pet Carers are highly encouraged to give some feedback on how their time with a pet went. Passing on information about the pet’s behavior, any questions that may arise, funny little stories, or a cute picture or video of the animal having a great time with you is valued. It gives the Sharer a sense of happiness to see their pet out and about having fun and it’s always nice to hear how the caring date went.

Feedback could include anything you noticed about the pet’s behavior while you were with them, anything you feel the owner should know about, for example, a scratch, a cut, or their interactions with other animals. Quality feedback ensures that pets have a second pair of eyes looking out for them and their health.


What can I say? I love seeing my pets on Instagram or being sent a super cute photo of them enjoying a day out with their Carers. Great Carers help share these moments with their Sharers! Share your adventures on your Instagram and be sure to #sharemypet


Thank you for taking the time to read this Carers Manual!

If you enjoyed this blog and would like further reading on all things pets and animals please go to our website Share My Pet and check out our news section. We have many more blogs, a media page or lots of information about pet safety. Happy reading!

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