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Summer safety tips

The sun is out, the temperature is rising. During the summer months it’s especially important to remember our 4 legged friends and ensure we are keeping them safe.

Always take water with you and remember to give all animals regular opportunities to drink fresh & clean water.

Early mornings and later in the evenings are the best time for walks and exercising animals. During the day it can be too hot. If the pavement is too hot for your hand to touch it for 30 seconds it will be too hot for your pet to walk on too

Always provide the animal is your care with adequate shade and plenty of fresh water.

Miss Muppet & Snout enjoying the perks of summer

Further tips;

Never leave your pet in the car alone – even for short periods of time or on over cast days the temperatures in cars can soar very quickly and result in over heating and death.

If you take dogs to the rivers always check for Algae bloom. Read this article to learn more about it-                   

 It is toxic to dogs.

Pets and animals with white markings and pink skin can be protected with the use of animal specific sunscreen.

If you suspect your pet is over heating bring them to a cool shady place right away. Offer water and let them cool down. If in doubt contact your nearest vet.

Summer is a great time for outdoor BBQs and picnics. Keep a careful eye on the pet in your care or your own pet and watch what they are eating/begging for. Unfortunately some people think throwing their leftover chicken bones/meat cuts and food remains in the bushes is a great idea. These can cause your pet to become ill or choke. 

By remembering that animals are sensitive to the heat and humidity too we can minimize any stress to our beloved furry friends. If you want to be prepared for any accidents of emergencies why not check out Pet First Aid Courses.

For further tips and advise on how to keep your pets cool this summer, check out;

SPCA Summer tips to keep your pet safe.

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