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Share My Pet’s Charity Journey

Share My Pet’s Charity Journey

Dave and I founded Share My Pet as a business in 2017 with the intension of improving the lives of pets in NZ. We aim to do this via connecting pet owners with members of their local community who wish give pets extra care and attention. Alongside this aim we decided we wanted to support local, national and international animal welfare charities.

Dave and I both still work in our ‘real’ jobs alongside and to support the setting up of Share My Pet. As such we have a very limited budget which goes towards marketing, promotions, website design improvements and maintenance. If in the future Share My Pet begins to make money, we have pledged to give 50% of the profits to animal welfare charities within NZ and worldwide. In the mean time our passion for helping animals has led us to contribute from our own pockets and spend some time raising money for animal welfare charities. Below is a brief outline of our involvement and support of animal welfare charities since we started Share My Pet.

It is our hope that with your support, Share My Pet will become a successful business. Which supports animal welfare charities via a sustainable and ethical business model. Thank you!

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