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Share My Pet- Community Spirit For Animal Welfare

Share My Pet was founded in 2018 with the intention of enriching the lives of pets in NZ. We believe in supporting animal welfare and trying our best to support local charites that have animal’s best interests at heart.

Our company aim is to connect pet owners with animal lovers in local communities. Pets can recieve extra care and attention. However, we are also passionate about supporting local, national and international animal welfare

As our pet sharing community grows we have come to realize that pet sharing is hugely beneficial to people too. Mental well-being, improved physical health and being connected to your community are some of the huge benefits of pet sharing.

A pledge to improve the lives of pets and animals

To maintain Share My Pet, Dave and I continue to work our day jobs. As such we have a limited budget which goes towards the running and maintenance of the website. When, in the future Share My Pet begins to make money, we have pledged to give a percentage of the profits to animal welfare charities within NZ and worldwide.

In the mean time our passion for helping animals has led us to contribute from our own pockets. We often join up and support other community organisations to raise money for animal welfare charities. Dave and I also regulary organise our own pet friendly events to help raise money for animal welfare organisations we admire and support. Here is a brief outline of our involvement and support since we started Share My Pet.

2022 Supporting Animal Welfare

Donation given by ourselves to SPAW to help with the tragic events of the Tsunami early in January. Please help the animals affected by donating directly to SPAW.

Donation from Share My Pet to for all the amazing hard work they do throughout the year. With their help and support NZ dogs find their happy ever after homes.

Donated to the donkey sanctuary in Greece after visiting them this summer. Such a beautiful center catering for over 35 rescue donkeys, stray cats and 6 lucky dogs.

2021 Community Fundraising Events

  • Canine Christmas Raffle, we organized an online raffle and as a community of animal lovers $1200 were raised for the dogs at Chained Dog Rescue and Rehab. All the rescue dogs received a new bed and a Xmas stocking this year!
  • Quiz charity fundraiser event. Dog friendly event to help raise awareness and money for the therapy animals at Fossil Creek Farm. Fossil Creek helps young adults, children and adults with depression and anxiety through the healing contact of their therapy animals. (July 2021)
  • Pups on Sups (stand up paddle boarding) dog friendly event. Fundraising for Pet Refuge (March 2021)
  • Donation to SPCA street appeal, was cancelled due to Covid 19 so we did an online donation instead of collecting in Nelson.
  • Donation to Wildlife Aid Foundation helping creatures in the UK affected by Covid 19. Even small donations help these incredible small centers continue to exist and keep doing amazing work.

2019 -2020 Fundraising and animal welfare support

2018 charity and fundraising support

It is our hope that with your support, Share My Pet will become a well established business in New Zealand . By supporting our pet sharing community and helping us spread the word about Share My Pet you can be part of this journey.

Our vision is to improve and enrich the lives of pets in New Zealand and world wide. Together, as a community we can all make a difference to the lives of pets and people. Thank you!

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

Woofs & Wags

Lili & Dave 
Top Dogs 

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