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Your Pet Sharing Stories

Your Pet Sharing Stories

Story of the month

Furship = friendships made with fur members

We love to share the wonderful pet sharing stories happening in your communities with you. The friendships and furships established between pet owner, pet and pet carer are super adorable. 

January 2020

Spoodle love

With her silky fur and caramel eyes it’s no wonder Paddy and Llona fell in love with Trixie their new fur friend. The couple are delighted that not only do they have a furry buddy to spend time with but they are also thrilled that Trixies owners have become good friends of theirs in the process.

Paddy and Llona moved to Auckland from the UK about one year ago and were delighted to hear that New Zealand has Share My Pet- similar to the UK pet sharing platform called Borrow My Doggy. They signed up and have now been sharing Trixie for a year. Having both grown up with dogs and family pets the couple were missing their pets back home and while they adore animals neither are quite ready to commit to a full time canine family member. 

Trixie has been to perfect solution and the couple have loved spending time with her, taking her on beach walks, adventures, coffee dates and sleepovers when her owners are busy. So much is their love for Trixie that it’s her sweet little face that pops up on their screen saver.* CUTE*

Because Trixie isn’t always available when Paddy and LIona crave a canine cuddle they have recently had a first pet sharing date with Belle, another furry beauty also based in Auckland. Time will only tell if Trixie will mind her favourite pet carers bonding with another dog…..surely there’s plenty of cuddles to go around for everyone.

December 2019

Hannah’s Story

I heard about Share My Pet about 2 years ago and signed up straight away. It was a dream come true to be able to spend time with other peoples pets!

As I am living at home and studying my current situation doesn’t allow for me to have my own pets, but since joining Share My Pet I have made so many new fur friends. I spend wonderful quality time with at least 3 local dogs and am never without canine companionship for my beach walks, coffee dates or just when I feel the need for a cuddle.

I have been asked to do in home pet sitting and have also managed to convince my parents to let us have occasional furry guests stay at the family home when their owners are away on holiday.

Share My Pet allows me the freedom and flexibility to be a loving part of a pets life. It’s been super easy to arrange dates and outings and I adore all the wonderful pets that have come into my life.

November 2019

From newbie to confident fur mum- how Share My Pet changed Faith’s life.

We joined Share My Pet nearly 2 years ago and have had an incredible pet sharing journey. Initially my partner and I joined Share My Pet to test run whether a Border Terrier would be a good fit for our family.

We looked after Miss Muppet the Border Terrier for over a year and totally fell in love with her. Fast forward and now I am the devoted fur mum of our very own Border Terrier pup called Pipi.

We currently Pet Share Pipi with several people via Share My Pet who I trust with my pup when life gets busy. I always want Pipi to be happy, well socialised and safe when I’m not around to spend time with her. We also regularly have puppy play dates with Miss Muppet and exchange holiday care.

Joining the Share My Pet Community has added so much to our lives.

Tell us about your positive pet sharing experience and be in with a chance to win!

Share Your Pet Sharing Story

Simply tell us about your pet sharing journey and you will be entered into our monthly draw. The winners story will be shared on the website and social media pages. You will also receive a some pet friendly treats for your fur-friend.

To enter, please email us a 300 (maximum word) write up or if you you would like us to write the story for you we are happy to contact you via phone and have a chat.

Just send us an email at with your story or with your phone number and we will be in touch. 

If you have had a really great experience everyone would love to hear about it. Hearing these positive experiences from you will let other people know how amazing pet sharing is. 
Ways to support your pet sharing community;
– Share your pet dates on Instagram with the hash tag #sharemypet
– Send us your story via email
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