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SPCA Cupcake Day 2018

Share My pet is jumping on board with this years SPCA Cupcake day.

It’s an annual event to raise money to help save animals in need. Share My Pet has a goal to reach 500 $ and with your help we can do it! It’s EASY; bake, sell and raise money for animals in need or if baking is not your thing donate some money. Last year the pubic raised 300,000$ dollars and this years target is to raise 320,000$. At the Share My Pet home we are going to bake up a storm and bring our cupcakes into work and sell them there, as well as encourage  you to pledge money or do a bake sale of your own.

Miss Muppet and Snout our dogs are giving us the stare of love to do some doggy friendly baking…..they are working us hard so lets see if we crumble to their power….

Dog Friendly Baking Recipes

If you do bake dog friendly treats please make sure  you follow a dog safe recipe, we have included a link of a few great ones below:


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