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Making friends with dogs via Share My Pet

Ever wish you had a furry friend to spend time with even though you don’t own a pet? Perhaps your pet is super social and you want to find them new buddies to socialize with. Making friends with dogs and other animals has never been easier. Share My Pet can help!

Share My Pet has a growing pet sharing community right across NZ. Perfect for arranging a cuddle with a fur baby, pet holiday care or new friends for your social pooch.

Meet pet owner and pet carer Remi. Remi joined Share My Pet in 2019. Owner of a beautiful fox terrier called Rocco, she initially joined the site to make new friends for her dog. Share My Pet has given Remi the opportunity to meet and spend time with lots of other local dogs. Remi would love to own a second dog, but feels the cost of a second pooch is currently not an option for her. Pet sharing has been a great solution. Rocco benefits from socializing and playdates with a variety of other dogs. His social agenda is packed with adventure and stimulation. He’s one happy pupper who loves his furry girlfriends!

Living in Nelson, Remi has become an important part of 4 dogs lives. She is especially bonded with a little schnauzer called Izzy. Remi has Izzy over for sleepovers and holiday care at her place when her owner Beck goes away. There are lots of day hangouts and walks too.

“Making new furry friends via the Share My Pet website has been great for my dog’s socialization. We get to spend time with lots of other great family dogs and have developed a close bond with them. Rocco loves his new canine buddies!”

How pet owners can benefit from pet sharing

As a frequent traveler for work, Beck loves the peace of mind pet sharing gives her. Having a second person she knows she can leave her fur baby with when life gets busy is wonderful. Izzy gets to go on amazing adventures to the beach, on day hikes, café trips, car rides and home hangouts. An additional bonus of pet sharing is saving money on kennels and doggy day care. No further money is ever exchanged between pet owners and pet carers. When your pet is with a pet carer you know the person they are spending time with is doing it out of pure love, not money.

Find your tribe and make new friends with dogs and people

Remi is always keen to head out into nature with pups at her side. Remi has met up for pack walks with Hannah, another local pet carer. An added bonus to pet sharing has been making new friends and connecting with people who are as passionate about pets as you are. Being part of Share My Pet is like finding your tribe.

Join your pet sharing community

If you have a pet shaped hole in your life or want to meet other animal lovers pet sharing is for you. Perhaps you simply want your pet to be living their best life. Every pet sharing relationship is different, and at Share My Pet we believe there’s a perfect match out there for every pet and person.

Share Your pet sharing adventures with us!

We love to hear about all the wonderful new friendships and pup friendly adventures taking place across New Zealand. Please share your stories on Instagram #sharemypetnz and tag us in or email us on and we will call you for an informal interview.

Check out Remi and Rocco’s Instagram @rockys_furryventures and give them a follow! Thank you Remi for the use of your great photos.

We are always ready and available to help you find a purrfect match.

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