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Hello to all the lovely pet owners at Share My pet.  I’m Taranpreet Kaur.

I’ve had taken care of my pet dog named Bruno (a Beagle) for 4 years, back in my home country. I absolutely love and adore all kind of dogs and have taken care of many street dogs as well while I was in India.  Unfortunately, not being able to keep a pet at my rental home or to visit my home country for the last two years have kept me away from fur babies for a long time now :-(.

So, I was thrilled to know that there is still a way to share my love for dogs and take care of your furry family members, just as my own. My partner also have had pet dogs and loves them, in fact, way more than me. So, we can provide your furry mate a couple of walks  or runs a day and playtime with them in our backyard, beach or wherever its happy.

I look forward to meeting all of my new doggo friends and you as well.

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