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My name is Hugo, I am 24 years old and an avid lover of dogs.
I work from home in central Christchurch and in my spare time, I love to focus on anything active. Rock climbing is my big passion in life, closely followed by hiking, running, and swimming.
I made the choice to move to Christchurch from Wellington in September last year so I have easier access to a range of outdoor activities. It was by far the best choice for me. During the heights of Covid in 2020, I lived with my granddad for 6 months. In that time I would take his neighbours dogs for walks each morning and when needed, we would dog sit for a few days at a time.
Having a dog around last year was such a joy, and I would absolutely love the opportunity to have a companion with me for my walks along the port hills or Hagley park, or whatever possibility there may be for me to look after a dog again.

I am extremely patient and attentive when it comes to caring for dogs as I have quite an eclectic experience with them. I have worked with farm dogs for summers in high school, my family has had dogs that need a stick thrown for them from sunrise to sunset, and I’ve had the unique opportunity to foster a couple of old dogs where we created a happy and comfortable and loving home for them.

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