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We are an animal loving family, and we have a lovely old dog who is turning 17 in December.  She’s very happy to have other dogs visit, in fact it seems to give her positive stimulation and really perks her up.  She can’t go on long/fast walks any more, and prefers a gentle stroll around the block these days.

We have two kids, age 8 and 9 who really like animals.  We’d be very happy to have your dog come and hang at our place during the day, and sleep over, too, if that appeals.  And if you dog likes having a ball or stick thrown for hours on end, or being cuddled excessively we are definitely a good option!

I work from home three days a week, so we’re pretty flexible.  I can come and pick up if you’re not too far away.  Ideally looking for pet shares within 5km.

Casual weekend outings would suit, too.  We could also look after your dog while you’re on holiday.

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