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Greetings to all fellow pet lovers out there,

My name is Stacey and I am an animal lover.  I have a passion for dogs although I love and respect all animals. I have recently emigrated from South Africa to New Zealand to join my Kiwi partner.  I have many years experience in raising and caring for both dogs and cats.

On arrival in New Zealand, the very first thing I did was to join the SPCA as a volunteer. Having had exposure to animals in South Africa, I found myself missing the joy and company of dogs and cats. I enjoy hiking and spending time in nature with furry friends.

I am a mature adult female who applies commitment and hard work in all that I do. This forms a part of the mantra I adopt when it comes to spending time with animals and ensuring that I exercise caution and care during my time with them.  I am prone to kiss and cuddle and then spoil from time to time.  Guilty as charged although I have always viewed animals like children as opposed to pets.

I am not in a position where I can have a furry friend of my own as yet. I am excited to continue giving back to the furry friends in Nelson and it’s wonderful that “Share my pet” has provided further opportunities to do so.



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