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I heard about this site from a lady I am going to housesit for, and I think it is a fabulous idea. We always had pets but as we travel for half the year (pre COVID ) it just wasnt feasible any more. I so miss the company of animals so have been housesitting and giving love to other peoples precious pets. However, having a regular pet friend would be wonderful. I am open to various pets, dogs, cats, rabbits, or whatever! I am particularly fond of fox terriers and jack russells having owned one for 7 years in the past, but that doesnt preclude other breeds. As I am retired I am available a lot of the time except for a couple of after school activities with the grandkids, and some housesitting commitments. As I give this more consideration and I think an older small dog would suit me best, as I am quite old and small too! But not laching in energy! I have transport so can travel around Nelson, but I would prefer something close to town so I can walk there if I my car is not available. I am a keen walker and walking and playing with a dog friend would be such a pleasure. So, basically, I am looking to give some love and attention to a pet that might like a little more, and  has owners who would like to share their precious pet just a little. Thanks. Suzie Ilina

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