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I spent many years travelling for work & fun and did lots of house and pet sitting during my 20’s & 30’s. It allowed me to get to know an area better, find unique housing, help out friends and family, and get some pet time without having one of my own. Eventually, my husband & I settled down to full time jobs and last year bought our own home in Nelson. We loved the travelling part of life, but are totally enjoying having a home! We are putting lots of time in the garden, love sharing the space with friends and family.

And the most significant part: getting a puppy of our own, Rusty. He is turning out to be quite a “full-on” little guy, very smart and active. It’s been (and remains!) a challenge for us to keep up with him. He is a real sweetie, but needs lots of playing fetch and athletic adventures.  I would love to trade time with someone else in a similar situation. It’s easy enough to take 2 dogs to the dog park if taking 1. And I’ve discovered that if my hands are free for a bit, I can get so much done around the house! I mean, they are really like babies in so many ways!

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