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I love animals! Through my 21 years of being alive I have had the fortune of being able to have and look after many gorgeous creatures : hamsters, birds (big and small), fish, frogs, terrapins, rabbits, cats and dogs.

After moving to nz pet free (our beloved family beagle passed away before the move) me and my mother adopted two kittens – Toby and Tabby, then later a sweet yet grumpy mini lop rabbit named Ted. They all live happily together in nelson with my mum.

I am joining this website in hopes to be a part time carer due to the fact that I live in Dunedin now and really miss the kindness of animals in my life. I don’t have the ability at the moment to own a pet of my own, but I believe it would boost my mental health immensely being able to have access to one. So if you are planning a trip or need some help in looking after a pet please do not hesitate to get in contact!

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