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Hi I’m Helen I live in MOTUEKA. I have had dogs as pets all my adult life. Sadly my beloved dog died earlier this year. As I am 72years of age I have decided not to have another dog .I heard of this group and am hopeful I could look after someone’s pet for them.
My section is fully fenced actually Jack Russel proof!

My home is small so could only have small to medium size dogs.Also I can’t  walk far so would not be able to walk an energetic dog.However on the positive side.  I  am the only person in the house during the day so have lots of time and affection to give to any dog in my care.I don’t have small children visiting as I know some small dogs don’t do well with young children.  Oh and another thing I only drive in Motueka area so could not pick up a dog in nelson.
I know it’s fairly restrictive but I thought I’d give it a go as maybe I’d suit someone’s much loved pet.

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