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My name is Antonette Cross, and I am a teacher at Nelson College for Girls. I have 2 kids, Sarel my son (11) and Eva my daughter (14)

I am a passionate believer in the importance of pets, animals and nature in our lives. It gives us grounding and makes life all worth living again. As an adult I realise now that it was these important aspects that helped formed the soft skills in my life. Empathy, consideration, respect, consistency. I was fortunate because I grew up on a farm setting in Africa and it was readily available every day.

Nature and animals were my teachers and I must give my amazing parents some credit.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide this ideal setting for  my children at the moment. They absolutely love and respect animals. Every time I see them caring for an animal it makes me sad because I realise the immense meaning it has for them.

We would love the opportunity to care for some animals. We will treat them with all the love in the world.


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