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Hello! My name is Anna, I am 23 and from London, where I have left behind my beloved family Springer Spaniel, Gracie.

I miss her to bits and would love to be able to care for someone else’s pooch whilst I am away. I moved to NZ in Oct 2019 with my Kiwi partner who is a High School English teacher. We plan to be here for a while so would hopefully be able to build up a bond and some rapport with your pup. I love, love dogs and miss their loving nature and friendly personalities.

I am incredibly caring, confident and responsible with dogs and would love to get to be able to spend time with, and look after yours, whilst I am away from mine.

I work part-time at the moment and am feeling the doggy shaped hole in my heart more and more with every day. Please do let me know if you would be interested in walks & doggy day care! I have a life time of experience with all our family dogs and have a lot of love to give.



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