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Taz and Zim

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Nelson, New Zealand

Taz is a 9 year old  female Australian terrier, pictured on the right of the photo.  She lives with Zim, our 2 year old Sydney silkie on the left.  Usually they come as a pair, although you could take one out for exercise as they do like different amounts of exercise.

Taz loves cuddles.  She adores people of all ages and was bought up with children.  Taz enjoys all sorts of walks, especially when it’s not too hot.  She’s happy with a shortish walk as long as she is given time to sniff along the way.  She will run through water up to her belly but is not keen on swimming unless she has to.   Taz rarely barks but is very talkative in other ways, making very excitable noises when you say hello to her or on her way to a walk.

Zim is a lot more adventurous and full of energy as she is only 2 years old.  Zim will happily run with you for up to around 8 km.  Zim will also curl up with you on the sofa but only once you have worn her out.  She loves running for a tennis ball and will happily do this for ages.  Equally she will run and swim on the beach or in bush.

They both love going to the Botanical reserve at the base of the centre of New Zealand.  Here Taz will go from tree to tree, having a good old sniff and greeting other dogs, while Zim would love you to throw the ball for her continually (she has her own balls and a ball flinger.)



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