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Why not join up for free and see how it works.

Why not join up for free and see how it works.

Sharers: You can set up and make live a profile for yourself and your pet(s).

Carers: you can create a profile for yourself and make it live so that all other members can see.

Everyone: You can search for both pets and carers in your local area

As a full member you can make contact with other members of the site via the messenger service on the site. Full membership costs $49.99 NZD per year.

As a pet owner and sharer you can list your pets on ShareMyPet for potential carers to view and make contact with you.

As someone who would like to care for a pet full membership allows you to view pets in your area and contact the owners.

Sharing is ideal for:

  • Any pet owner who thinks their pet deserves some extra attention.
  • People that work long hours and want their pet to get extra walks and attention.
  • People who travel regularly for work or pleasure but still wish to own a pet.
  • Holiday care.
  • Generally, any pet owner who is busy and sometimes feels guilty that their pet deserves more companionship/exercise or socialising.
  • Any person in ownership of a pet that feels their pet would benefit from the companionship of another animal. This will apply mainly to dog owners who own one dog and for whatever reason don’t wish to have a second dog but would like to keep their canine happy by socialising with other dogs.
  • Pets that are lonely, overweight or depressed can benefit from Share My Pet.
  • Pet owners might like to increase the amount of time their pet gets trained and socialised. Especially great for younger dogs.
  • Pet owners can connect to other pet owners and pet lovers to share ideas and pet care information.
  • It’s also a great way to meet people in your neighbourhood and feel connected.

Caring is ideal for:

  • Great for any person who is too busy with work/travel/family life to commit fulltime to a pet but still wish to interact with animals and help care for them.
  • Suitable for people who aren’t ready to commit full time to a pet but wish to have contact with them, be part of a pet’s life
  • People who are thinking of getting a pet can meet with a few pets and get a feel for what’s right for them. It can assist you in deciding if pet ownership is right for you
  • Anyone who doesn’t have the time /space/money for full pet ownership
  • Anyone who is unable to have their own pet’s due to rental or living agreements
  • Sports enthusiastic/runners may want some 4-legged companionship, exercising is so much more fume when you have a dog with you!
  • It’s a great way to meet people and get to know your local community
  • Suitable for families that want their children top experience positive interactions with animals.

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Free Member
Why not join up for free and see how it works.
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