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Auckland, New Zealand

Tahi is an energetic, easily excitable 3 year old Labradoodle who enjoys long walks, fetch and cuddles. I sometimes think he loves humans more than other animals. He doesn’t look like a Labradoodle and sheds his coat, but we love him nonetheless. He’s the only child in our family and spoiled. This pretty much sums him up 🐶
He’ll love anyone who will give him attention, always asks for more pets should you stop cuddling him and never say no to exercise or play time. He’s amazing around kids and gets just as excited as them and never loses his patience. He’s a happy fella.

Although Tahi sounds like the perfect buddy (and he sure is for us), he needs someone who can show him boundaries. For example, he doesn’t know when to stop running when playing fetch and will make himself sick if you just keep going and going. He also needs to know when he has had enough attention and be told to sit down and relax, and sometimes a firm hand on the lead when he gets too excited to meet another dog. He can easily be left off the lead once he is used to your voice and walked in an area where there is no risk of cars – usually a call for his name and a treat will bring him back.
If you’re looking for a companion who will enjoy the outdoors with you, love you effortlessly and who can make you laugh, then Tahi may be the perfect crazy shared pet for you.

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