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Auckland, New Zealand

Hi Pet Sharers,

Poppy is a four-months-old Miniature Schnauzer looking for doggy playdates in Auckland – ideally North Shore, Central and West Auckland.

Poppy is more confident to play with dogs around her size (small to medium). She tends to avoid energetic, bigger-sized dogs ever since she has been accidentally smacked on the head by another bigger-sized puppy at the puppy school. I have been working on it by arranging short meetups with our neighbour’s calm, 11 years-old, big sized-dog to desensitise this behaviour.

Poppy is a calm puppy with good temperament in general. Currently, I would like to arrange doggy playdates to increase her socialisations with others—ideally, experienced dog owners who have a younger child that knows how to play gently around animals.



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