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Nelson 7010, New Zealand

Gem is our 32 ” inch Cat A mini pony. She is a young filly  around 2 1/2 to 3 years old and loves nothing more than investigating any going ons in the paddock or around the garden. She is inquisitive, friendly, cheeky, gentle and fun to be with and nothing seems to phase her.For such a young pony she is incredibly calm, grounded and acoustomed to cars, children, dogs and noises of all sort.

Gem only recently joined our family a few months ago and so we are still getting to know each other. Our dogs arent great with her yet and they need to be kept on lead and supervised when she’s around. We would love to meet a person with some horsey back ground and knowledge that comes in and gives her a groom, checks her haynet is full, mucks out and generally gives her some attention and love. She is very used to children of all ages but as I haven’t had her long enough to know her personality completely I would at present prefer children over the age of 7 had contact with her alongside their parents supervising.

If you love the smell of ponies, are happy to come by when it suits you and spend time with her and grab a bucket to muck out we would love to hear from you.It goes without saying that you need to be responsible, good at communicating, and kind as well as know the golden rule about checking gates are shut securely. Knowledge about  how to turn on and off an electric fence is also useful though its very simple and I can teach you that. Gem looks forward to meeting you 🙂 Treats are optional and to be limited please as shes a typical mini and prone to getting chubby ( though we love her curves ) 🙂



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