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Share My Pet Welcomes You All!!

Share My Pet Welcomes You All!!

Congratulations on making the first step towards improving your pet’s happiness!!

We at Share My Pet have the best interests at heart for all animals.

Maybe you have a pooch at home that waits patiently all day for you to return after a working day, or a flock of urban chickens needing some care – Share My Pet is right for you. It allows you to create a profile about yourself and your pet(s) and find people in your area that wish to help look after them.

Don’t own a pet? Even better! Now you can have all the joys of pet ownership without the full time commitment, cost or time consumption. In today’s day and age we at Share My Pet believe it makes sense to share what we have and love, especially when the main benefit is improving a pet’s life. Log into your profile (see our second blog for further hints on how to create a great profile), and see what wonderful pets are in your local area needing some love.

Keeping it safe…

For many of us our pets are much loved members of the family and priceless, precious companions. Perhaps at the beginning the concept of sharing your pet and trusting someone you don’t know to look after them seems a little over whelming.” What happens if your pet gets injured whilst in someone else’s care?” “How can you trust a stranger with your best friend?” are questions you may ask yourself and rightly so.

Share My Pet encourages people to make initial contact through the website by looking at each others profiles and pictures. Be specific and honest about yourself and your pet. Once you have found a pet or a person you think would be a great match we recommend you get together in a safe public space. Trust your intuitions and trust your pet’s intuition too. Animals are very sensitive and have great instincts. Watch their body language and just like when you meet any new person be aware of your initial gut feeling about them. We meet people everyday that we need to trust to some degree from your local child minder or carer to the person cleaning your office space. At Share My Pet we believe there are many wonderful and trust worthy people in our communities and we hope that sharing and caring is a concept that belongs to us in our nation and the world.

Meet our pets!

Dave and I are so convinced that pets will benefit and become happier through this service that we have put all our dearly beloved pets on Share My Pet as well – because to share and care is to increase the happiness of your pets life. I know our dogs would always welcome more attention, walks and companionship than we can offer them on a week to week basis. So lets meet the fur family!

Meet our pets (available for sharing in Nelson):


Elfie is a beautiful black kitty. She is half Rag doll making her an especially smoochy and relaxed family member. Elfie loves a good rough’n’tumble with both family dogs and has proven herself to be a most excellent mouse hunter. Her favourite activities include laying in her basket near the fire, sunbathing, and purring around for treats. She travels really well in the car and has no problem adjusting to new environments. Coming from a single cat household we have yet to find out how she would feel about sharing her feline position with another kitty. Elfie is a very curious and adventurous cat and has been found stuck in cupboards on more than one occasion.

Meet Miss Muppet

Miss Muppet  has been in our family since she was 8 weeks old. Muppet is a Border Terrier with a laid back, sweet and loving personality. She loves all other dogs and has an impressive bag of tricks up her sleeve – she can weave, roll over,high five and play dead just to name a few. Miss Muppet has completed many different doggie training courses and is a pleasure to take out. Her favourite  activities include going to the beach, playing with the cat and having snuggles. Due to her terrier nature and lack of street smarts she can only be let off lead in places far away from traffic such as the beach.


Also known as Baby Lamb, until recently Snout was the baby of the family. She is a salt n pepper Schnoodle pup, just over a year old. Snout leaps and bounds through life much like a baby lamb (hence the nick name) and her endless good mood and happiness is infectious. Snout has a cheerful personality and is a quick learner. We are still working on her recall and tendency to chase birds.

The 3 Amigos and Thelma and Louise

Our flock of urban chickens are the newest members to our family. Thelma and Louise are beautiful white Silkie Bantams and will literally eat out of the palm of your hands when presented with sunflower seeds. The Three Amigos were hatched by ourselves and are being hand reared. They are growing by the day and have recently joined the big girls outside – which they love! The flock are fairly easy care, they require daily fresh water and pellets and some greens, and I am pretty sure they talk back to us in the morning.

My husband Dave and myself have greatly enjoyed the process of creating Share my Pet alongside the amazing people we have had the pleasure to work with. We are excited to begin our journey of sharing and caring and hope that you and your pets will join us too !!



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